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Review: Ashenmoon – Umbra I

Artist: Ashenmoon
Album: Umbra I
Release Date: October 16th
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

Ashenmoon drop their debut EP titled “Umbra” on October 16th . The band comprises a
wealth of music experience and talent featuring bass extraordinaire Gary Beers (INXS),
Toby Rand (Juke Kartel, Rock Star: Super Nova) and the highly regarded Jimmy Khoury.
The 7 tracks include five originals and two organic emulations.

Track 1 – Dustbowl
An intricate look at the world through powerful lyrics and melody. The first
single from the guys is delivered on a silver platter of perfection. The perfect opener that
showcases the chemistry right from the onset. The accompanying video deserves more than
second look as well.

Track 2 – Mosquito
Touted as the double A side first single release “Mosquito” stands on its
own two feet, every bit as attention deserving as the first! The track is a process that works
on so many levels both lyrically and musically. Awe inspiring lyrics and all-round
performance by the band.

Track 3 – Future Kings & Queens
If it is even possible to take the release to another level
than here it is! An instant classic track with all the hallmarks of perfection laying bare before
one’s ears! A rousing vocal performance from Toby backed perfectly by the musical genius
of Gary, Jimmy and co this song is nothing short of a masterpiece. A song of hope, love, and
anything beautiful you want to the world to be! The 2020 version of John Lennon’s Imagine
come to mind as gracefully refined this track is. A certain hit without doubt!

Track 4 – Without Faith
Takes you on an epic journey to the far corners of the band’s musical prowess. Change ups in the solace sound of the track make this a highlight. Much like the
previous track, a song of vast importance to the powerful force of Ashenmoon as a band.

Track 5 – You Broke Yourself
An elegant track ends the five on the EP. A moody and
emotional song that fits the extremely well. A ballad with piano driven melody the completes
the process to the fullest degree.

Track 6 – Dustbowl (Acoustic)
A stripped back version of the opener which delivers the
same message in a bare-bones way. As the lyrics suggest “Close your eyes our only hope is
sound”. That right here is perfectly illustrated!

Track 7 – Mosquito (Acoustic)
I prefer this version of Mosquito as a song if I had to choose
one. The acoustics and Gary’s Bass line shine brightly on this rendition. The perfect ending
for the beginning of no doubt bigger things for Ashenmoon.

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