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Album Review: Tommy Lee – Andro

Artist: Tommy Lee
Album: Andro
Release Date: October 16th 2020
Label: Better Noise Music
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

Tommy Lee is best known for his role as drummer in classic rock band Motley Crue. However Tommy is no stereotype when it comes to releasing solo material. “Andro” his latest release set to hit the shelves and airwaves is his first solo release in 15 years (not including the 2010 Methods of Mayhem release “A Public Disservice Announcement”).

In the works for over 2 years Tommy has brought together a cast or crue if you like of up and coming artists honing their craft. The first two singles dropped way back on June 4th “Knock Me Down” featuring Killvein and “Tops” featuring Push Push. 

In my research of these songs,  the latter having some 144K views,  cops some irrelevant flak with comments such as “I want to know what Mick Mars (Motley Crue’s lead guitarist) thinks. You have to laugh at them though, I would be pretty sure in answering for Mick that he would want Tommy to do exactly what he is doing and makes him happy, considering this is not Motley Crue.  This goes a long way for why people should be making their own way in the world and stop putting others down for doing what they enjoy!

The entire album is a cross country race of genres, sound samples and beats not to be missed. “You Dancey” featuring Tommy’s old Rock Star: Supernova bandmate Lukas Rossi would have you think Prince’s second coming has come both in music and hauntingly beautiful lyrical content, and speaking of Prince, the cover of “When You Were Mine” again featuring Rossi, pays a fitting tribute to the genius of Prince.

Well named track like “Caviar on A Paper Plate” featuring Mickey Avlaon takes centre stage as one of the true highlights. As swiftly as it begins it seems to end leaving you at the crossroads of wanting more but somehow satisfied at its running time of just two minutes fourteen seconds.

“Make This Storm” which features King Ellen Noir will easily find its way onto many peoples playlist with its chilled vibes and sound textures, and on the other end you have “Make It Back” (featuring Playa), which is Ibiza ready, for when people get to travel to Ibiza.

With this album you need to leave your expectations and opinions at the door and take it in as someone creating the sounds that inspire them. If you can do this, you might just be pleasantly surprised. It’s great to see artists doing exactly that, creating art.

His wife Brittany Furlan wants to make sure everyone knows about Tommys album, even if it comes at the expense of his car.


My album Andro comes out Friday and my wife wanted to help 🤦🏻‍♂️ thanks honey @brittanyfurlan #AltRocktober #Andro #showyourtruecolors

♬ original sound – Tommy Lee
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