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Album Review: Orianthi “O”

Artist: Orianthi
Album: “O”
Release Date: 6th November 2020
Label: Frontiers S.R.L
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

Orianthi has long been regarded as a world class guitarist. Her new ten track album titled “O”, her first studio release in seven years is out tomorrow through Frontier Records SRL. 

“Contagious” is the lead off track. A pure compliment to both Orianthi and (producer, mixer, co-song writer) Marti Fredericksen’s ability to push the artistic limits in a composition. “Sinner’s Hymn” first dropped into the airwaves back in late August. A guitar driven track that features a beautifully worked subtle mid song change up before charging to the end with a blistering solo of controlled frenzy.

The album takes a shift for track three with “Rescue Me”. Its elegant verses are parlay to the hard rock fragments that give this track great substance on many musical levels. Orianthi’s vocal abilities to the fore with the next track “Blow”. The song is a true highlight of the album. Great melodic music building to a crescendo that showcases pure talent in its rawest form.

“Sorry” leans more on its pop roots far more than the preceding tracks. Experimental synths layered under graceful vocals give this song a great chance for high rotation over the airwaves worldwide. “Crawling Out of The Dark” however simplistic in its approach is simply far from that! An acoustic intro strung together with heart breaking lyrics and a blues fuelled solo. Whilst break ups are always hard, Orianthi has delivered to perfect tonic to move forward with this alluring piece of music!

“Impulsive” dropped for on October 2nd with the accompanying video showcasing Orianthi’s creative talent. The song itself pushed along by a powerful bass line is a car driver’s new anthem. An infectious guitar groove coupled with Orianthi’s enchantress ability make this an auto play and repeat song for mine! “Streams of Consciousness” enters your ears with a lullaby like intro before hitting your senses with unrelenting powerful rock riffs. 

“Company” explores the ever-widening boundaries of her musical prowess. Inflicted with compelling scores of music genres all in one place. Company has all the hallmarks of a TV or movie score soundtrack song of the highest order. Brilliant in every sense of the word! “Moonwalker” brings the album to a close in what could be a tribute to Michael Jackson…A unique sounding pop fuelled track that gives the album a closure befitting of all that has come before it.

Australia has an undeniable amount of musical talent that has conquered the globe for decades. Orianthi’s “O” is a continuation of that in every aspect. A release not to be missed!

1. Contagious
2. Sinners Hymn
3. Rescue Me
4. Blow
5. Sorry
6. Crawling Out Of The Dark
7. Impulsive
8. Streams Of Consciousness
9. Company
10. Moonwalker

Find Orianthi Here:

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