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News: Brad Cox Releases Sophmore Album “My Minds Projection”


Today, four time Golden Guitar nominee Brad Cox releases his sophomore album MY MIND’S  PROJECTION via Sony Music Entertainment Australia. 

Brad Cox’s sophomore album MY MIND’S PROJECTION may well be the most anticipated country  album of 2020. The follow up to Cox’s acclaimed 2018 self-titled debut, the album was recorded once again with producer Matt Fell, and has already spawned the hits ‘Short Lived Love’, the #1  country radio singles ‘Give Me Tonight’ and ‘Drinking Season’ and his collaboration with Adam  Eckersley ‘Remedy’.

To date, ‘Drinking Season’, written by Brad and Dan Isbell (Luke Combs), has amassed 1 million  global streams, whilst rock tinged ‘Give Me Tonight’ has over 4 million global streams. The album  follows on from his celebrated 2018 debut self-titled album which and Rusty Strings’ single,  which was nominated for Apra Amcos Song Of The Year and Apple Music Single Of The Year. 

MY MIND’S PROJECTION is a snapshot of songs that I’ve written, things that I’ve done and things  that I’ve experienced in the last three years,” explains Cox of the album. “It’s what I’ve ‘felt and  seen and done and heard and then felt again’ all rolled into one.” 

Brad Cox first came to prominence in 2018 with his self-titled debut album that yielded the singles  ‘Red Light’, ‘Too Drunk to Drive’ and ‘Lake House’, as well as the crowd favourite ‘Water On The  Ground’. The album earned the Jindabyne native two Golden Guitar nominations for  Contemporary Album of the Year and New Talent of the Year. 

“I finished writing the first record in 2017. MY MIND’S PROJECTION covers the time I spent  between finishing writing that record and writing this one. There’s a bunch of songs that are two years old, and a couple of songs that I wrote in November. I’m a huge fan of Sturgill Simpson’s A  SAILOR’S GUIDE TO EARTH. Like that album, I wanted to make a record that I know my fans will  love. But, I think this album will open doors to a lot more people, other than fans that only like  country music.”  

Working again with Matt Fell (Sara Storer, Shane Nicholson, Travis Collins) was a smart move for  Cox. Together the pair have recaptured the magic of their first outing, but have taken the stylings  further, infusing the record with dollops of country rock and rhythm and blues. “It’s really great  being able to work with Matt again,” continues Brad. “I was so uncomfortable the first time  (laughs), because I didn’t know what I was doing. But we got to be mates. For this second record,  we were friends, I knew how he worked. I was much more comfortable going “Matt, what about  this,” throwing ideas around or “I don’t like that”. It was a totally different experience.” 

When COVID19 hit, Brad Cox found solitude driving a tractor for up to seventeen hours a day. The  solitude is part of his well-worn writing practise – he dreams up an idea, ruminates on it and then  the magic happens. And that’s what has happened with the recording of MY MIND’S PROJECTION.  

Welcome to the next chapter in the career of arguably the most exciting artist in Australian  country music today, Brad Cox

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