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Album Review: Foo Fighters – Medicine At Midnight

Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: Medicine At Midnight
Release Date: February 5th 2021
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

The Foo Fighters return to the music spotlight today with the release of their tenth studio album “Medicine at Midnight”. The follow up to 2017’s “Concrete & Gold” album has after a short delay been bestowed upon us and here is my track by track account!

Track 1 – Making a Fire
At first listen the song comes across as not your ideal off track. A departure from the harder rock we are accustomed to hearing from the Foos. Catchy grooves, backing vocals and chorus quickly capture ones attention. Shortly after listening to a few tracks in sequence its position as opener is clear!

Track 2 – Shame Shame
The lead-off single released in November 2020 is an instant classic. Automatically into my top three all-time Foo Fighters songs. From Taylor Hawkins infectious drum   patterns and fills from the opening second – to Dave Grohl’s brilliantly shaped lyrics the song is a journey of epic proportions. Add in perfectly orchestrated strings and guitar tones, this is one track that stands out above the rest!

Track 3 – Cloudspotter
Fits in somewhere between the two opening tracks. A pop feel best describes this track, highlighting the bands versatility in 2021. Formulated lyrics and harmonies build into the intensified ending.

Track 4 – Waiting on A War
The third single opens with an acoustic driven segment based on Dave and his daughters own insecurities regarding coming wars some 40 years apart. A heartfelt vocal leads us into rocked out frenzy to end the song.

Track 5 – Medicine At Midnight
The title track’s warm yet snug production gives this one a vibrant feel from beginning to end. Soulful vocals and bounding bass delivers the goods in yet another change of direction on the album

Track 6 – No Son of Mine
A return to the fast and furious rock sound the band is known for. The second single is a frenzied track, blistering along with some crazed vocals all makes for Classic Foo.

Track 7 – Holding Poison
Continuing on from the previous track, poison would clearly be at home on one of the bands early studio efforts. Diverse in some ways yet homely in feel in others this one fits the theme of the album well. All without overstepping the boundaries of the albums vibe.

Track 8 – Chasing Birds
A tip of the hat to David Bowie with this one! A great mellow track that is probably not in line with all the other material on the record. However as previously stated, the guys in 2021 are far more adaptable to play anything. Beautiful Sonics lead to a beautiful track which this certainly is!

Track 9 – Love Dies Young
The ninth and final track tackles the finale with mid-tempo rock melodic guitar chords and chug along bass lines. A fun track thoroughly earning respect as the closer from my point of view.

All in all the nine track album is a breath of fresh air from one of rock’s biggest acts. Given all the world has gone through in the past year, this is a welcomed addition to The Foo Fighters catalogue. Diverse and mature in content this is one not to be missed!

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