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Check This! – Silverback Touring Keeps The Fire Burning For Live Shows

There is no doubt the last year have completely sucked for the entertainment industry. So many lives have been changed, so many people out of work, many people, and many companies have given up. That cannot be said about Danny Bazzi and his team at Silverback Touring. Instead of focusing on what can’t happen, Silverback are focused on what can happen. While their international tours have needed to be rescheduled, they have taken the initiative to support Australian Artists with shows and mini-fests.

This week kicks off the “Home Brewed” shows. These 3 shows alone will showcase almost 30 local bands, giving them a much needed stage and also introducing them to new fans while reacquainting them with old fans. It is a great variety of band and something for everyone. This hopefully will become a regular mini fest to help promote local talent

You also have Aussie Made, which sees Aussie Hard Rocker Poor joined by Palace Of The King and Dead City Ruins. I first saw The Poor open for Kiss in 1995 and was blown away by their energy and great songs. Front man Skenie is quite simply a maniac, and I mean that as a term of endearment. I have never heard of anyone having a bad time at a show the boys from The Poor play at. Palace Of The King have made their name as a touring act. They may harken back to sounds from the 60’s and 70’s but they mean business in 2021 and beyond.

Silverback also promote tribute bands and tribute shows. While some people will always look down their noses at tributes, the bands put alot of effort and money into their production and they are a great time. And lets face facts, some bands are no longer around, so why not see a great tribute put together by people wanting to keep the legacy of these artists alive, and international artists may not be headed to our shores for quite some time, so why not check out a tribute for a fun night out. But also these acts come with some serious players. Anyone who has seen one of the Eddie Van Halen tribute shows have been in awe of “Frankie’s World Famous House Band”, and rightfully so, many international artists have jumped up with the boys and let off some steam.

Lastly you have the international shows being rescheduled. Instead of giving up, Danny and his team simply just roll with the punches and work together with the artists to make the shows happen. John 5 will be guitar nerd heaven, Crashdiet and Pretty Boy Floyd will be hair metal heaven. H.E.A.T and Crazy Lixx will show why Swedish hard rock bands are so revered across the world. The Iron Maidens will prove the girls can not only keep up with the boys but kick their asses, and Devilskin will venture across the pond for a much deserved headline tour.

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice just in these shows and tours alone, but we are sure the team at Silverback already have more up their sleeves. Make sure you give them a like on socials and sign up for their mailing list so you will be in the loop for what is coming next.

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