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Album Review: The Offspring – Let The Bad Times Roll

Artist: The Offspring
Album: Let The Bad Times Roll
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

The Offspring returns 2021 with their first album in almost nine years in the form of “Let The Bad Times Roll”. The band’s newest release is also the group’s first release on Concord Records.

“This Is Not Utopia” kicks the album off in fine style. Catchy chorus and the guitar driven sound are the perfect blend top open proceedings in true Offspring style! The title track “Let The Bad Times Roll” follows in earnest at position two. Sticking the formula that has given them so much success in years gone by – This is a simply stellar track with an accompanying music video that is not to missed.

“Behind Your Walls” changes gears as the melodic guitar leads us on a road featuring a positive and negative outlook of two people’s lives. Backing harmonies and the mid-tempo break downs in the track make this yet another stand out track. The tempo picks back up with the surf rock fuelled sounds of “Army of One”. Gritty lyrics of coming undone and not belonging fill the airwaves here as the band begin to hit that punk alternative sound overdrive mid album.

“Breaking Bones” continues the pace and flow of the record. With a 38 second instrumental intro leading into a tad over 2 minute burst of brilliance that is pure classic Offspring in sound and quality! “Coming For You” is technically the first single from the album having been release way back in 2015! From the opening bass lines of new comer Todd Morse to Dexter Holland’s lyrics as only he can write this track has all the hallmarks of an instant classic.

“We Never Have Sex Anymore” is a throwback to many a great title for a track the band is swimming in! A jazzed up song featuring trumpets, yes trumpets, finger clicking and more! I am sure many people can relate to the title in today’s fast paced world around them. Light, fun and hey that is what the band is all about after all! “In The Hall of The Mountain King” gives the album a quick one minute rendition of the 1875 composition. Many may argue it is poorly placed in sequence on the album but it gives us a brief glimpse of the undoubted playing abilities of guitarist Noodles and long term drummer Pete Parada.

“The Opioid Diaries” is a deep and daring look at the see sawing situation in the US simply regarding the titles blurred and crossed lines. The song breaks down in the mid-section from the galloping Offspring sound to a marching style fill. Once again proving the maturity in the band’s music abilities.

“Hassan Chop” is a fast paced furious melody driven song which captures your attention from the first note to the very end this is a prime cut band track!

“Gone Away” first appeared in 1997 as a single from the “Inxay on the Hombre” album which massive success. This new version features piano and an orchestra to die for! A version of the song I have long craved for has been delivered in perfection by the albums legendary producer Bob Rock. If ever a song in a new form deserves even more chart success, here is such a track! “Lullaby” is the second instrumental track closes out the album in fine style. Running at just over a minute it is the perfect marketing piece to complete the puzzle.

In closing it’s been a long time between album’s for The Offspring and let’s hope the next album is not another nine years away! The band has matured with age but pay homage to their sound and more here on this twelve track album! Don’t miss it!

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