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Live Review: Odette

Artist: Odette
Venue: The Triffid, Brisbane
Date: May 21st 2021
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell Photography

I was so excited when I found out we were covering this show.  From her 2018 debut album ‘To A Stranger’ to the 2021 release of ‘Herald’, Odette has gone from strength to strength and is a growing force in the Australian music industry. Her vocal tone is like none I have ever heard and the anticipation to hear this live was huge!

When we arrived at the Triffid on Friday night, Odette’s first show for the night had just come to and end and she was at the merch desk surrounded by fans eager to have their moment with the graciously sociable star.  It was nice to see her take her time with everyone and enjoy the moments as much as the fans.

I always wonder if a solo artist can hold your attention the same in a live show as they do on record, and the way Odette held her fans attention was a clear indicator that we had something special to look forward to!

Not many artists these days hold 2 shows in one night, but Odette has been doing it around the country flawlessly.

Being at the 2nd show for the night, the energy had already been pumped into the room and the moment Odette came on stage she slayed.

She opened with the hugely popular single release, ‘Feverbreak’. Right away I was drawn into her captivating voice and deep lyrics.
This continued as she sung songs across both albums, ensuring all the fan favourites were in there. I think my favourite performances of the night were the songs that Odette says are her favourite, Foghorn and Mandible. We had a great conversation about Mandible when I interviewed Odette on our podcast.

But there was one song that just blown me away, a stripped back version of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  The composition of this performance along with Odette’s sometimes haunting voice made this a moment to remember.

Other notable songs were ‘Dwell’ and ‘Amends’, it was great to see the crowd swaying in unison and even at times mirroring Odettes moves on stage.

It was a fantastic set covering songs from both albums, a great crowd and a beautiful artist delivering us her quirky personality between emotive songs. The best of both worlds really!

Her parting words to the crowd that night stayed with me, and I hope they stayed with everyone else in the room:

Take care of each other
Make good decisions

Thank you for having us Odette, it was our absolute pleasure.

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