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Live Review: Amy Shark – Brisbane

Artist: Amy Shark
Venue: Riverstage, Brisbane
Date: June 25th 2021

Home grown talent Amy Shark came through Brisbane on her “Cry Forever” tour. The tour hit some snags, like most have in the last 18 months, but this was more than worth the wait. Only two albums into her career you would think that she was a seasoned performer with decades of experience, and the emotion she not only delivers through her songs, but also her connection with the audience is one to behold.
Also coming home to Queensland probably made it a little more special, but I think anyone who catches Amy will feel like they have come home. Amy showed how human she is with a slip up forgetting where she was, but took it all in her stride. Opening with “The Wolves” she wasted no time in ripping through a great mix from both albums. Songs like “Worst Day Of My Life” and “Psycho” mix well with “Everybody Rise” and “All Loved Up”

The surprise packet for the night was a perfectly delivered cover of “Mr. Brightside” that brought The Killers from Las Vegas to Brisbane in a heartbeat, and I think the band would be proud of the tribute. The set covered all the bases with “Lonely Still”, “Miss You”, and the set closers of “That Girl” and “Mess Her Up” said good night in a sea of pyro. Not to leave the crowd hanging, she came back with “Amy Shark” with a stripped back vibe, and then just knocked the crowed right out with “Baby Steps”.

From here we were treated to “Adore” “Love Songs Ain’t For Us”, and “I Said Hi” and like a true rock star she bid farewell with her Def Leppard inspired logo behind her and pyro galore. You cant fault her for being a superstar heading to her place amongst legends. She has worked with the likes of Keith Urban and Ed Sheeran and only two albums in, this is what we get. Imagine what the future holds for Amy Shark. One thing for sure, its going to be blindingly bright.

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