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News: Frankie’s Pizza Serve Up The Ultimate Father’s Day Pack!

Serve Up The Ultimate Father’s Day Pack!

Sydney’s Primo Rock n Roll Establishment, Frankie’s Pizza has always put you first.
Now it’s time you put your Dad first and pay him back for all the times he covered your ass.

For those Dad’s about to Rock, repay their influence with
The Ultimate Father’s Day pack!

What’s in the box?
The ultimate Dad album of course! A vinyl copy of the one and only 
Back In Black
A powerhouse of an album front to um, back! From the first chime in Hells Bells to Brian Johnson’s final statement that ‘its just rock n roll’, in Rock n Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution, it’s all killer and absolutely no filler. Just like your old man who knows when it’s time to get shit done.
Dad style! ⁠
Proudly provided by those legends at Utopia Records!

Also, longtime friends and collaborators at The Grifter have assured us an ample allocation of the freshest SERPENT’S KISS Watermelon Pilsner for the Dads of Australia! 
DID YOU KNOW this cult brew was jointly conceived between the brewery and Frankie’s Pizza back when we were both, shall we say, a little wet behind the ears?  Many watermelons were harmed in the making of that beer, it became an instant icon and we never looked back. 
A fresh 4 pack awaits the Dad in your life.

Plus, a six pack of our finest Craft beers, a couple of frozen margarita packs and a Dad tee and a baby onesie for those who may have gotten a tad carried away in one of the darker corners of the bar…

Let him know you love Dad without having to say a damn word…⁠ now THAT’s amoré!

Order your’s now 

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