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Live Review Outshined – The Australian 90’s Grunge Tribute Show – Burleigh QLD – September 2021

Artist: Outshined – The Australian 90’s Grunge Tribute Show.
Venue: Burleigh BBQ BAZAAR
Date: 18th Sept 2010
Reviewer: Carlie Tanithskye
Photographer: Carlie Tanithskye Photography

As I watch punters of all ages file into Burleigh BBQ Bazaar on this gorgeous Spring night, I cannot help but be excited! I’m out of the house! I’m at a gig, an actual live music show!! I can see the smiles on people’s faces as I hear them speak what I’m feeling! It’s been way too long between drinks for Outshined – The Australian 90’s Grunge Tribute show with their last date at BBQ Bazaar in Feb 2020. Think Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and Faith no More, Nirvana, Tool and  all of that 90’s goodness!

Tonight is a very warm welcome home for the Outshined boys and also a special introductory debut to welcome new drummer Josh Larkin and powerhouse vocalist Tim Carter to the Outshined family. Guitarist Matt Rowe and Bassist Mike (Mikey) Edwards round off the 4 piece. It’s feels a little strange for me to see so many people in the same place, but all is forgotten when the lads walk on stage and rip straight into ‘Once’ by Pearl Jam which gets the crowd warmed and singing their collective hearts out.

Despite oiling their hinges and being off the road due to the Pandemic, and Josh living 2 blocks across the border, the band fall into a rhythm early on, smiling and laughing at each other onstage. Early set list highlights include “Spoonman”(Soundgarden) , “Rearview Mirror” (Pearl Jam) , “Would”(Alice in Chains) and “Sober” (Tool). 3.33 into “Cochise” (Audioslave) and a young lad clearly overcome by the power of music (and maybe some alcohol) leaps over the barrier onto the stage and then dives into the crowd. How rock n roll!! He emerges unscathed and the band doesn’t miss a beat. These guys skilfully work up a crowd to overflow and the spilling is beautiful to watch.

As I stand side stage I see the crowd move like a wave, twisting, jumping and throwing arms through “Hunger Strike” (Temple of the Dog), “Man in the Box” (Alice in Chains) and their last song of a gritty, sweaty 2 hr set , Outshined (Soundgarden). The punters immediately start chanting for the boys to encore “ One more song! One More song! And the noise is deafening. Mikey, Tim, Matt and Josh kindly oblige playing  Audioslave’s “Show me how to live”. They end their show with Pearl Jams “Black” and a lady in the front row is in tears overcome by the emotion of this song. I won’t lie, I’ve shed a few tears over the years to this one as well in the comfort of my bedroom. 

Tonight we have been taken on a journey, some re living their youth, some experiencing the songs their parents played. I brought my now 18 year old to see the songs she grew up hearing on road trips, and her little young face is just in awe. Music has such power to connect us and give joy. Tonight was one of those nights.

See Outshined – The Australian 90’s Grunge Tribute Show.

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