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Review – The Screaming Jets – All For One 30th Anniversary Edition

Band: The Screaming Jets
Album: All For One (30th Anniversary Edition)
Label: Dinner For Wolves
Release Date: October 22nd 2021
Reviewer: Anne-Marie Jones

Aussie Hard Rock Favourites, The Screaming Jets, remind us how rock’n’roll should be – timeless!

It’s 1991, and rock fans around the world are rejoicing in the release of some exciting new music.  Internationally, albums like Nirvana’s Nevermind, Pearl Jam’s Ten, Red Hot Chilli Pepper’s Blood Sugar Sex Magik and U2’s Achtung Baby are blowing music lovers’ minds! 

Meanwhile, here in the Land Down Under, another chart-topping album was pumping through the airwaves of many an Aussie radio station.  Released in April 1991, The Screaming Jets’ debut album, All for One, peaked at number 2 on the ARIA Charts.  First single “Better” didn’t make it further than no. 4 on the charts (not shabby, of course), but received an incredible amount of radio airplay long after its release and is still heard regularly on popular rock radio stations today.

The band has seen a few changes in its line up since its inception in Newcastle in 1989.  The main stayers being lead singer, Dave Gleeson and bass guitarist and backing vocalist, Paul Woseen.  Current guitarist, Jimi Hocking (1993-1998 and 2010-current), being the only member to leave and then return.

So, jump forward 30 years, and fans will be relishing in a fresh new take on this rock classic.

First impressions are that this is a more polished sound than the original release.  This is likely the result of different recording techniques, ie. tape to digital, but it is noticeable that the overall mix has a lot cleaner finish. 

Listeners that are familiar with the original album will pick up on a few subtle modifications to the songs they know so well.  A slightly different riff in the background over here, an alternate drum fill over there.  I feel that many of these highlights are brought about by the variation in the line up from the original.  Each musician bringing a sliver of their own personality to the new instalment.

The new production offers clear and rich guitar sounds. I highly recommend listening through headphones, where each part is perfectly highlighted.  There are some cool new effects thrown into the mix in ‘Needle’ which give it a modern feel.  The mixing, throughout, has been done incredibly well.

Bluesy tune, ‘Shine on’, has always been a personal favourite and it feels like the groove is even cooler than the original.  The bass line is super warm and funky, and the lead solos are definitely in a new realm.

Lead vocalist, Dave Gleeson, has, thankfully, not lost any of his tone after 30 years.  Something that is apparent to one who is a big fan of harmonies though, is that some of the very bright, high harmonies that were on the original album, have been toned back significantly.  From a production perspective, I can see that this has balanced the vocals better, but in some songs, it has lost a little something for me.

All in all, ‘All For One’ MKII is a refreshing and modern take on a 30 year old Aussie hard rock classic.  Fans of the original will enjoy reminiscing about their glory days, banging their heads and raising their fists in the pubs to some of their favourite tunes.  For those that enjoy picking apart the music, you will find a few trinkets to pique your interest.

An enjoyable, ‘bangin’ listen from start to finish!

The Screaming Jets – ‘All For One’ 30 Year Anniversary Edition – AVAILABLE NOW

All For One 30 Year Anniversary Edition 

No Point
Shine On
Starting Out
Stop The World
Blue Sashes
Sister Tease
Got It
The Only One

The Screaming Jets are:
Dave Gleeson (Vocals), Paul Woseen (Bass), Jimi Hocking (Guitar), Scott Kingman (Guitar), Cameron McGlinchey(Drums)

All For One 30 Year Anniversary Edition is out now!
Digital, CD, Cassette and Black Vinyl & Purple Vinyl Formats Available

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