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Review: Bad Wolves – Dear Monsters

Artist: Bad Wolves
Title: Dear Monsters
Release Date: October 29th 2021
Label: Better Noise Music
Reviewer: Andrew Treadwell

Bad Wolves have clearly left the past behind with their new album “Dear Monsters”. Their first hit out with their new vocalist Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz sees the group strongly looking and moving forward, taking no prisoners along the way

The opening to the albums first song may have the listener thinking the band has toned it down somewhat, but just wait it out 30 seconds for the sonic sledgehammer that is “Sacred Kiss” to go to another level. Love the way it got me thinking, sucked me in and then steamrolled me so quick.  Moving into “Never Be The Same” you truly get a taste of not only DL’s vocal power but also his amazing ability to deliver the harmony and melody through dynamics, which carries over into the first single “Lifeline”, which is the perfect radio friendly single to reintroduce the band.

The stand out songs for me are the ones where the band lays back a bit. “Wildfire” is a modern day power ballad. Huge choruses, hooks for days and a soaring guitar solo to boot. But for me the home run on the album is “Springfield Summer”. It mixes acoustic, almost country sounds, pop sensibilities, with a powerhouse chorus and a double time breakdown just to give you the absolute melting pot of awesome. There are so many elements to this song, I recommend a few listens to appreciate what the band has achieved. It’s also a favourite of DL’s, which he tells us about in our chat which you can watch here.

The album is really diverse and I’m glad it is, because you can hear everything they poured into the album, and the many dimensions in Dear Monsters, gives the listener an album in every sense of the word. This is not a bunch of singles re-packaged together, this is a collection of emotions moulded into 12 great songs that deserve to be listened to, as an album. So on October 29, grab the album, put the disc in, turn it up and take it all in. Well done Bad Wolves!

Bad Wolves are Daniel “DL” Laskiewicz (Vocals) John Boecklin (drums), Doc Coyle (lead guitar, backing vocals), Chris Cain (rhythm guitar), and Kyle Konkiel (bass, backing vocals)

Dear Monsters Track Listing 

Sacred Kiss
Never Be The Same
On The Case
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Springfield Summer
House Of Cards
In The Middle

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