News: Angry Anderson Band to release New Single “Realise Legalise” on November 19th

Angry Anderson has rocked and entertained us all for decades as the unequivocal front man  of Rose Tattoo. He has torn up world stages with the voice of a working man’s Rod Stewart  and one of Australia’s most abiding rock icons! Also known for his generous charity work,  journalism, a stint at public office and having received numerous Awards including ARIA Hall  of Fame (2006), Advance Australia Award (1986), Australian A.M. (1993) and the Special  Merit Advance Australia Award (1995), he is very well versed on a number of different  levels! 

Now, his new project the Angry Anderson Band releases a first recorded offering, ‘Realise  Legalise’ on November 19. Before you start thinking ‘what the’ there is a strong positive  message Angry wants to portray with this rock track!  

With an eye towards the future and a product, we should all be supporting ‘Realise Legalise’ stands firmly on this terra firma. 

“Brothers and Sisters, we are living in strange and therefore exciting times, as to this, there  can be no doubt! Depression, anxiety, and the fear of the future go hand in hand with the  promise of a better world that we can all play a part in creating.  We are constantly bombarded with talk of sustainability, conservation, preservation, and a  growing acceptance of a dependency on renewables! 

Renewables! Just what are renewables? I hear voices asking. Some would call them gifts  from God. Some would quite rightly refer to them as gifts from nature, the creational  process, the provider, they are, put simply, that which comes from the natural realm. From  Mother Nature herself! They are Earth, Wind, Water, and Sunshine! Truly gifts, from the  Divine! 

It is with this spirit of embracing that which is natural to further the comfort and well-being  of humanity and in the spirit of true debate that I want to play a small part in opening the conversation around the utilization of one of Nature’s gifts, the genus Cannabis. 

Launching a new solo project/band, l was energized to revisit and then continue a personal journey, crusade if you like, that started many years ago.  ln recent years I have been inspired by personal relationships with people from all around  our homeland as they struggled to gain access to medicinal cannabis to relieve their own  suffering or that of a loved one, also I came across a book written by a doctor, Dr. Teresa  Towpik, which I urge all interested to seek out and read, her book, ‘lntroduction to  Medicinal Cannabis, An Easy Guide For Doctors and Patients’, enlightened and educated me  to the amazing contribution medicinal cannabis does and can make when medically  provided. 

There are many more worthwhile uses for genus cannabis in the manufacturing sector  which would gift us with products that are sustainable and therefore renewable, prime  example it could, I’m advised, revolutionize the manufacture of paper, cardboard and,  building materials and even replace plastic. 

Why then are we afraid to open honest debate into Cannabis? A gift from the past that can  benefit our future. 

l, for one, am not afraid.” – Angry Anderson. 

‘Realise Legalise’ is available on your favourite digital platforms on November 19. 

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