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Album Review: Korn – Requiem

Artist: Korn
Album: Requiem
Label: Loma Vista Recordings
Release Date: February 4th 2022

Korn are no strangers to tragedy, and their new album “Requiem” touches on it by reaching deep into their darkest part of the soul and its emotions within. But, it also shows a vulnerable, peaceful and open side of the band., Something a long term fan may need time to get used to. Time was also something that became valuable to the band for this album. With the world on a forced hiatus, Korn took this opportunity to record to analog tape, which not only is an artform lost, but also unforgiving, as the artist needs to rely on being prepared in the studio rather than just “fixing it in the mix” so to speak. 

As for the songs, the album opener “Forgotten” sets the vibe for the album with an energetic and frantic riff, and you know it’s going to be a Korn album, with that familiar sound, yet feeling fresh and new. “Start The Healing” outlines a search for reflection and self happiness with its use of spacious melodies, yet retaining the heaviness that Korn is known for. The song tells of a journey while taking you on one.

“Lost In the Grandeur” shows why Korn’s guitar players are revered by so many. The twin guitar attack is not often done right, but Head and Munky deliver a united bombastic front yet each player’s individual sound is given its own space to shine. It all mixes so well with the vocal harmonies. Ray Luzier is just a monster behind the kit, you know not one of his songs were phoned in on this album. Same goes for Jonathan Davis. I’m sure this album took an emotional toll on him yet was cathartic, allowing him to share his innermost feelings as he opens his mind to the listener and lets them walk on through.

“Let The Dark Do The Rest”  is dark and cinematic. Its building intro, moves into mellow verses and choruses with Davis ending with the violent scream of “You Make Me Sick”. It’s one of those songs were no emotional stone is left unturned. “Penance To Sorrow” is a little more radio friendly and would be easily at home on many different formats and play lists, and a track like “Disconnect”,  for me has more of a wide ranging emotional appeal and is a good contender as a single with huge riffs and the perfect mix of dark to light “Worst Is On Its Way” pays some historical homage via Jonathan Davis’ vocal scatting taking you right back to “Freak On A Leash”, as the track ends the album in a furious fashion.

It would be easy at this point in their career to rest on their past but after 40 million albums sold, 2 Grammy’s, Korn now in their 3rd decade tip the hat to the past but also keep it in the rear view mirror, looking at the road ahead, a bit of a road less travelled. While this is the new album from the band I think this is only the beginning of a new chapter.


01. Forgotten
02. Let the Dark Do the Rest
03. Start The Healing
04. Lost in the Grandeur
05. Disconnect
06. Hopeless and Beaten
07. Penance to Sorrow
08. My Confession
09. Worst Is On Its Way
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