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News: Lauren Day Sings About Loss In New Single “Never Be The Same”

Lauren Day releases emotive new single ‘Never Be The Same’

A composition and production debut for Lauren Day. Lauren has written an emotive new track about losing someone close to you, how it feels and how life will never be the same.

Listen to ‘Never Be The Same’ HERE

The song takes the listener through talking to someone who has passed away (or left) in a therapeutic way. Featuring live electric and acoustic guitar with the addition of keys and strings gives elements of soft rock along with layers of ghostly backing vocals the song has influences of Fleetwood MacLana Del Rey and Billie Eilish.

I lost two special people in my life at the beginning of 2021 within the space of a week and I really struggled with the grief. When Sydney went into lockdown for 4 months and I wasn’t able to work I started to work on a piece of music for a production course and the lyrics that came to me was the line from the first verse “7 months since I’ve seen your face, 7 months but it still hurts the same” It felt like I was speaking to them and I could use it as a way to say goodbye almost like a therapy session. I feel very vulnerable sharing this with the world but I also hope it can reach some people who may be feeling the same,” says, Day.


Lauren Day is a NZ born, Sydney based singer and songwriter. Her smooth, soulful vocals carry contagious hooks with effortless delivery over dreamy, chilled out, lo-fi pop with R&B and neo soul influences. She writes about love, loss, nostalgic romances, chasing summer, emotional struggles and bad relationships while always empowering her female listeners. The artist has worked with numerous producers both locally and internationally while learning, growing and developing her sound. Previously working a lot in the future bass, electronic and house genres she has organically grown her sound into the easy listening tunes you can now hear from her latest releases. If you’re looking for music to give you those good vibes then look no further.

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