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Review: Fistfull Of Rock – Brisbane 2022

Artists – Fistfull Of Rock (The Poor, Rose Tattoo, Baby Animals, The Angels)
Date: 29/04/2022
Venue: Eatons Hill Hotel – Brisbane
Reviewer: Mert Tyson
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell Photography

I felt like my DeLorean took me back to 90’s when the Poor were heading for Aussie Hard rock domination! Well ladies and gentlemen grab your drink and hold on! Skenie and the boys are back and blew the roof of Eaton’s Hill last night. What do you get when you throw these lads into the mix? Well, you get a fucking Queensland cyclone of passion, raw energy and full-on entertainment. Belting out classic’s “poison” “Manowar” and “Dirty Money” and the cracker new single “Paybacks a Bitch” A strong thumping masterclass rhythm section led by Gavin Hansen and Matt Whitby who let loose making the walls shake and floor rumble. Even the bass drum to migrate slowly North with the pounding Gavin gave it! Matt’s solid 5 string foundation kept the place cranking.

“More wine waiter, please?” nope not for these blokes! They clearly are out of control and need their car keys confiscated! The raw energy and technical display that Daniel Cox brings to this party is addictive clearly with the new single and the life and energy coupled with the raw grunt and balls of Skenies vocals make a mean combination. The Poor are back baby! And they mean business, the obvious comradery on stage and genuine passion for the music speaks volumes and I cannot wait for The Poor to return and regain their spot amongst Aussie Hard Rock royalty!

Speaking or Rock Royalty if we had a king this man be on the throne. There are none more synonymous that the crème of the Aussie crop legend that is Mr. Angry “Gary” Anderson and the mighty workhorse Rose Tattoo. Opening with “out of this Place” from Assault & Battery Angry and the lads got the attention of the masses.Smashing out Tatts classics that never disappoint. If Australia had a rock Anthem take your pick “We can’t be beaten” Rock’n’roll is king” “Bad boy for Love” “rock’n’roll Outlaw” and “one of the boys”.

Consistence and class with the groove of Bob Spencer’s guitar and Mick Arnolds legendary Slide guitar showmanship backed up by a class act Rhythm section of Paul Demarco’s backline and Mark Evans thumping bass lines you never know when these guys are going to jam it out making each show something to remember! They say you need to feel music and Rose Tattoo truly immerse the audience with a rhythm, groove, vide and feel like no other band.

Baby Animals and the stunning Suze Demarchi gave us a class act of punchy and classy rock that bought the Baby animals to the forefront of the music scene in the 90’s. They say thing get better with age and this is so true. The Baby animals bought class to this party with a massive sound. You cannot go too far wrong with a backline of Fender and Pearl with the artistry and professionalism of Dario Bortolin and the ever-impressive Mick Skelton driving a knockout punch that would rival the likes Mike Tyson on a good day.

The skills of Dave Leslie backing this impressive lineup on Baby animals’ classic such as “Early Warning” “One Word” “Rush you” and every punter in Easton Hill joining Suze in “Painless”. Suze was on fire and the band showed why they are still a class act of songwriting and pure skill that the band have been recognized for and clearly stamped in the Australian Rock history Books. Watch out world Baby animals are still dangerous and step it up a notch with a class and style like no other.

The Angels need no introduction and they bough this party to an end. Gleeso and the lads ripping out the classics and few from the vault “After the Rain” got the punters ready for an avalanche of classics “shadow boxer” “No Secrets” “Take a Long Line” through to the iconic Aussie anthem “Am I ever gonna see your face again” yep you know the rest of that one.Dave Gleeson and marked his territory and standing tall leading this legendary band bringing his musical genius and upbeat energy to the show. When Dave is around it’s never boring!

Dario Bortolin was on a double shift on Bass duties ripping with the Brewster boys providing the soundtrack of a generation with backline of Nick Norton showing that he is a drumming force to be reckoned with. Rick and John still providing the grit and iconic sound that The Angels are renowned for with a tight mix of cracking rhythm and blistering solos. This is Aussie rock at its finest and these lads are not going anywhere soon proving that Rock will never die and inspiring a new generation. Thank you, lads, Rock On!

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