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Album Review: Puppy – Pure Evil

Artist: Puppy
Album: Pure Evil
Release Date: May 6th 2022
Reviewer: Belinda Mann

PUPPY’s new album Pure Evil is a classic metal grunge alternative music sensation. Taking classic pop song writing and incorporating their love for heavier music, PUPPY take it a step further with this album and add in some louder bursts combined with some more sweeter moments.

Kicking us off with an eerily haunting track, Shining Star is a short, sweet intro, that sets the the scene for what is an impressive listen. The jump into The Kiss takes me back to school camp in the 90’s listening to Today by The Smashing Pumpkins. The track bursts to life and makes it way into your soul and when it finishes it has you asking for more. 

The instrumental quality is on point and their sound is tight, almost seeming like there are more than only three of them in the band. There isn’t a weak link among them as a unit, they play together seamlessly, and I can see why they’ve cemented their status as the oddballs of the heavy music scene.

The first half of track Spellbound takes is reminiscent of Alice in Chains with its haunting lyrics. It’s a softer sound prior to then breaking into a stomping riff with a heavier guitar tone that is everything!  Wasted Little Heart, what a song! At two minutes in, it gets gritty and its awesome! With 80’s and 90’s inspired guitar riffs, this would have to be one of my favourite tracks on the album. Who doesn’t love some crunchy guitar that gets you into a little head banging action, am I right?!

The sweeter moments, include tracks Hear My Word and Dear John and are scattered throughout which is a good balance. The warmth of these tracks plus others like ..And Watch It Glow are refreshing and new within what is a modern metal catalogue.  

Pure Evil is a product of a stagnant time for all during the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Though the music itself doesn’t reflect COVID-19 related themes specifically, the hardships and struggles of manifesting this album certainly appears to have tightened PUPPY as a group.

If you’re a fan of 90’s grunge, alternative rock and heavy metal this album is for you. While they are reminiscent of so many other bands, there’s still non one else around that sound entirely like them. Pure Evil is definitely worth your attention, go give it a listen!

Pure Evil track listing:

Shining Star
The Kiss
My Offer
Wasted Little Heart
Hear My Word
Dear John
..And Watched It Glow
Holy Water

Puppy Is
Jock Horton // vocal, guitar
Will Michael // bass guitar
Billy Howard Price // drums

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