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Review: Halestorm – Back From The Dead

Artist: Halestorm
Album: Back From The Dead
Label: Warner
Release Date: May 6th 2022
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell

In their first offering in 4 years, Halestorm has come out with an absolutely banging rock album! With deep lyrics and grungy riffs mixed with gorgeous harmonies and delicate piano’s, this album is one of my favorite releases this year, 

Lzzy Hale writes with her heart on her sleeve and delivers each song with such conviction – she is really showing us that she and Halestorm are raising the bar in the world of modern rock, 

The first song, the title track of the album ‘Back From The Dead’ says it straight away. It’s a perfect first track that grabs you and really sets up for the journey this album goes on. The way Lzzy Hale plays with her voice throughout the songs is highlighted straight away with her gritty versus into melodic choruses. 

From beginning to end, Back From The Dead, both the single release and the Album feels like Lzzy Hale is basically giving anyone who has done her wrong a big middle finger and we get to be right there with her. 

‘Wicked Ways’ is punchy, catchy an quick. Full of emotive lyrics, powerful screams and what has fast become one of my favourite lyrics ‘We all play the sinner and the Saint in between’ 

Followed by ‘Strange Girl’, another song of power and basically owning who you are regardless of what others think. I love the message in this song. The music is beefy and captivating and the melodic breakdown, beautiful and drives home the song’s meaning. 

‘Brightside’ is next, another great song with lyrics seemingly entrenched in the battles and survival of mental health. 

I think these first 4 songs are together reminding us of who we are and our own strengths and then in the next songs we seem to journey in directions of revenge and politics and circle back to mental health. 

Lzzy shouting ‘This is my church and these are my people’ in the ‘The Steeple’, like she is the minister of the church of rock! She can be my minister any day, I love it!! 

‘Terrible Things’ if the first real change of pace in the album, a beautifully written melody clearly about the state of the world, one I am sure we can tragically all relate to. The string song on this song are gorgeous and just elevate the vocals and the feeling the song gives you.

The little beat break in the first verse of ‘My Redemption’ makes this one of my favourite tracks on the album. The vocals, the way the song changes between the versus and the chorus. The lyrics are wicked and I love the guitar riffs. Then we get to the The breakdown. Fuck me!!!! It’s angry and you can feel it. Then this Madonna-esque vocal that just grabbed me! Lzzy just keeps showing us what she can do with her amazing voice! 

The start of ‘Bombshell’ feels like you are about to explode, it’s a little Slipknot. Then comes the scream and you certainly understand the sentiment of ‘going off like a bomb’. This song is for the women!! I am sure as you listen to the lyrics you will find them relatable. We have been treated like meat and silenced since forever and this song is one that has the potential to become quite prevalent in these times. 

I couldn’t even imagine what it’s like in the industry Lzzy is in, but I think this song tells us a little story. And The breakdown in this song; 2 lines of pure brilliance. 

‘I Come First’ I feel is a great anthem song. It’s a good follow up to Bombshell, one gives us the story and the next gives us the anthem for the story. It’s very clever. 

I love ‘Psycho Crazy’ The drums give this song the perfect backdrop. 

I kinda think it could be Harley Quinn’s theme song, or really the theme song for when someone just keeps pushing you and pushing you…… you may go a little Psycho Crazy!! 

‘Raise Your Horns’ is amazing and a perfect ending to the album. The first line just grabbed me and hooked me hard. And in my lounge room, I raised my horns. I was moved to tears. This really is a beautiful rock ballad. 

Lzzy Hale at the front of her band Halestorm is a special experience and on this album you have outdone yourselves. I feel like you had a lot to say and gave it to us with such passion and raw emotion. Halestorm are fucking sensational. 

Please come see us in Australia and bring us these new songs live!! I just want to rock out in a mosh pit with my heart on my sleeve screaming the lyrics to these songs that fill me with such strength and passion. 

Overall I think this album was cleverly put together in production to tell a story and it’s utterly brilliant. It’s already on repeat in the car and I am sure it will continue to be a favorite in my collection.

 Back From The Dead Track Listing

Back From The Dead
Wicked Ways
Strange Girl
The Steeple
Terrible Things
My Redemption
I Come First
Psycho Crazy
Raise Your Horns

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