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Album Review: Anvil – Impact Is Imminent

Band: Anvil
Album: Impact Is Imminent
Release Date: May 20th 2022
Label: AFM Records
Reviewer: Mert Tyson

ANVIL – a heavy iron block with a flat top and concave sides, on which metal can be hammered and shaped! This sums up the Heavy Metal titans that are ANVIL.

The almighty masters of Heavy Metal return with a heavy duty hard as nails 19th studio album “Impact is Imminent” due for release May 20th, 2022, on AFM Records represents true raw ballsy metal in its finest and this impact will send shock waves through the metal community showing that the powerhouse 3 piece that is ANVIL is back and in an almighty way.

When you think of true heavy metal you throw around the goliaths such as Judas Priest, Motorhead, Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, Manowar and Slayer to name a few. Since their forming in 1973 Anvil are somewhat responsible for being a driving force of influence to these metal gods.

The band consisting of Steve “Lips” Kudlow on guitar and vocals, Robb Reiner on the drums and Chris Robertson on Bass and backup vocals have created a powerful and solid album.  An almighty 14 tracks that subtly smashes you with a sledgehammer and pounds you with a crowbar. And when you get back up Anvil comes back around and levels you with the brute force of a railway sleeper, yep! This is Anvil!

The opening Track “Take a Lesson” is filled those elements that make up the joy of metal, A chunky riff, blistering solo and a groove that can only be enjoyed when violently shaking one’s head to the rhythm of the music a real headbanger! I want to grab my air guitar play along and relive my youth smashing out this true masterpiece the way it should be played on vinyl shaking the walls and annoying the neighbourhood.

“Ghost Shadow” follows on with a fast-paced double kick drum and bass powerhouse from Chris and Robb in transcendent forceful rhythm that’s coupled by Lips channelling his inner Lemmy and Halford. Doing all this while shredding a speedy thrash style riff and then somehow spitting out a blistering guitar solo amongst the carnage!

“Another Gun Fight” tells a story of life and death who is going to die? A melodic riff with a groovy undertone that I’m sure makes that Marshall stack go to 11. The chorus brings it back with a doom metal overtone and a sinking undercurrent of how this battle will pan out.  Robb is masterful on the drums in this track and truly bringing the magic.

I feel like I’ve gone back to the 80’s again with this track “Fire Rain” Metal, Metal, Metal! Horns high (again!) This reminds me of so many great songs to come out of that era that make me feel so damn good. You truly understand the bond these guys have playing together as this track is so tight and vocals reminisce again of the metal gods. The backups are a highlight in this track for me along with lyrics of fire, flames, death and destruction and all that cool metal stuff!

“Teabag”. I figure with a title like this Anvil have to be taking the Piss. It can only end badly, right? Wrong! It is a cracker of an instrumental again highlighting the diverse style and influences that Anvil have. They are not afraid to mix it up with this 12 bar two minutes and thirty-eight seconds of pure f**king bliss! This is an awesome track and that bass from Chris is insane! Such a great bass mix on this album!  Not to be out done by Lips and Robb with their fine contributions to the “Drum Solo” and “Lead” assistance. This is a Bluesy, Funky, Metal thing! (Technical Term) It is what I’m calling this one, but they did take the piss with gang “Teabag” vocals at one stage. So many wrong things come to mind.

“Don’t Look Back” (Spoiler Alert Cowbell) Anything with a cowbell must be cool! This track is another cracker with heavy Hard Rock vibe. This one is a rocker with a killer verses and rhythm alongside cutting melodic changes. Tight playing and great vocals throughout this track and other great example of what ANVIL do best! Turn it up!

“Someone To Hate” Another fast-paced classic from the school of Heavy Metal and Anvil once again do it so well. Reminding me of early Priest, a touch of Deep Purple with some shots of Exodus and Kreator for good measure but all wrapped up in that classic Anvil power metal. Fast double kick, awesome solo and rhythm with raspy vocals. Another shining moment form this album.

This orgy of power metal seems to continue straight on with “Bad Side of Town” some great riff changes and harmonies and gang vocals make this one stand out. A killer track with another amazing backline display by Mr Robb Reiner on the drums and Mr Chris Robertson hammering out some brutal backbeat. I love this bass sound and the metal guitars bring a raw sound to this one with another fine vocal display from Lips.

“Wizard’s Wand” is a chunk fest! Slowing this one down just a tad with cool tempo and flow. Really enjoy this one it has such a great feel to it. Again, highlighting the bond these guys have with such tight playing and chemistry, it is special. The guitar solo is for me the best on the album. Lips is majestic on this one with a rhythm and melody transcending into a finger bleeding, fretboard smoking haemorrhage.

“Lockdown” A word we are all sick of! With a sound familiar with a mighty Saxon track the lads crank out another chunky guitar, big vocal melodic masterpiece based on the shit that is covid-19 and the pain of lockdowns. Enough said!

“Explosive Energy” Has that true to form classic metal feel to it that the consistency of this entire album has. All the components of a melt ya face off guitar solo coupled with another dependable thumping and grilling provided by the backline. This song would be a highlight live and Anvil would bring that Explosive energy to the stage. Another personal favourite.

Hade enough yet? According to Anvil Nope! Suck it up “The Rabbit Hole” takes you on another metal journey demanding spontaneous gyration, neck whiplash and once again picking up that air “Flying V” guitar and smashing out that rhythm. This song will grab you by the balls and smack you in the face at the same time another masterful display of Heavy Metal shredding at its finest!

“Shockwave” This is a rocking track opening with a sizzling solo from the master! What’s that? Do I hear another cowbell! YES! Another chunk guitar fest on the melodic verses moving into the dark burning undertones of the chorus shockwave is a mesmerising tune that keeps you wanting more.

The final track on this very consistent metal fest of an album is “Gomez”. Well, this one is a little different and another instrumental almost a celebration of the album with that happy new year style ending! Well done lads you deserve it. It is almost a jam with some cool influences of blues, Jazz, funk, and swing with a fine brass section. A fun way to end a killer album!

The impact is certainly imminent! This album is such a masterpiece that has been worth the wait from the heavyweight titans Anvil. I know I have said it a lot, (yeah, yeah!) but it is a true Heavy Metal album from start to finish in its finest form.

I love this album and Anvil have stuck to what they do best and are true to form. The gods of all things metal have produced a rock solid, headbanging, ball breaking, beast of a record that deserves all the recognition it hopefully gets!


01. Take A Lesson 

02. Ghost Shadow

03. Another Gun Fight

04. Fire Rain 

05. Teabag 

06. Don‘t Look Back 

07. Someone To Hate 

08. Bad Side Of Town 

09. Wizard´s Wand 

10. Lockdown 

11. Explosive Energy 

12. The Rabbit Hole 

13. Shockwave 

14. Gomez

Slated for a release on May 20th as CD, Vinyl and Digital formats, the album pre-sale of Impact Is Imminent is available now

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