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Album Review: Five Finger Death Punch – Afterlife


Five Finger Death Punch return with their 9th album “Afterlife” Once again produced by the bands unofficial 6th member Kevin Churko, Afterlife sees the band take a few twists and turns but yet keep the sound faithful but not contrived. As always Ivan Moody brings heavy doses of social commentary, sarcasm and introspective reflection out in the lyrics. The bands line up has changed over the last few years but the Death Punch freight train does not seem to have slowed

The opening track “Welcome To The Circus” introduces the album via creepy carnival intro, leading into a riff full of groove, yet not shying away from the heaviness. Moody wastes no time with his take on the world today. “Welcome to the shits how, just another freak show”, indeed….

“Afterlife” is more radio friendly telling the story of someone who doesn’t want anyone telling them what to do, and with lyrical content like “promise diamonds but pay in sand” might be also a person who feels betrayed and let down

Another more radio friendly song is “Times Like These” with its great mixture of laid back sounds with powerful guitars blended underneath 

“Roll Dem Bones” showcases amazing dynamics between the power of the verses and the space in the choruses but no power is lost.

A cinematic Intro leads into “Pick Up Behind You”, and while it’s another more radio friendly song, the track has a more mature sound and with “I’ve forgotten how heavy you are, You’re becoming so hard to hold on to”, bids farewell to those who weigh and hold you down.

Judgment Day” takes the listener on a very un Death Punch like journey, with almost hip hop and EDM Vibes but, amazing, so much mood and depth, yet mellow harmonies, standout on the album.

“IOU” is up next and really showcases some amazing guitar work. The solos are not the typical solo you expect from the band and this really lets the song breathe.

“Thanks For Asking”, with it’s pop / country flavours might also take some by surprise but the song is full of emotion about dealing with your demons or maybe just the one in the mirror.

“Blood And Tar” quickly moves from a mellow intro to riffs, riffs and more riffs. I love the way the band grooves in the back while Ivan just roars out front.

“All I Know” has an intro that reminds me of something that could be in a western movie, its laid back vibe gives off a nice contrast to the other tracks on the album.

“Gold Gutter” deserves to be a live staple, even a potential set opener for the future. It has so much power, and I can already envision the fists in the air.

The End” has another laid back intro, and one of my favourite things about the album, a song that is really a true album closure, Its grandiose and lush sounds mixed with deep and emotional vocals make Five Finger Death Punch into a heavy metal version of Queen.

There is no denying this album retains the classic elements Five Finger Death Punch are known for but there is also an abundance of diversity and growth through all the songs. This is the sound of a band who know where they have come from but have a clear vision of where they are heading.

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