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Album Review: Ozzy Osbourne – Patient Number 9

Artist: Ozzy Osbourne
Album: Patient Number 9
Release Date: September 9th 2022
Label: Epic Records / Sony Music Australia
Reviewer: Curt Ubank

Who would have thought in 2022 we’d still be getting new Ozzy Osbourne material? The list of people would have to be pretty short, but hey, anytime a rock god puts out new music is a day to celebrate, especially when he’s brought along a gaggle of rockstar friends! 

This album starts off with the title track, Patient Number 9, featuring Jeff Beck, which might seem like an odd choice, but it absolutely gives you an idea of what’s in store. Sounding like a mix of his 1991 LP No more Tears and Alice Cooper’s 2011 sequel album Welcome 2 my Nightmare, it’s absolutely stunning that Oozy sounds so good wailing into the mic. Leaning squarely towards classic heavy metal, it’s a ripping way to kick off this whole affair.

We plow straight into Immortal featuring Pearl Jam’s guitarist Mike McCready. A rock solid “Pedal to the metal” driving song, you’re gonna rack up a slew of tickets if you’ve got this on while heading down the open road. With a blistering guitar solo and chugging beat, I’d be surprised if this doesn’t become a Triple M radio staple.  The guest spots don’t stop there, with frequent guitarist Zakk Wylde. With a killer riff but a slightly lighter sound than you’d expect from a Zakk track, it’s here that Ozzy’s vocals really shine. In fact, over every song on this album, production is crisp and clear, with nobody getting lost in the mix. Every bass line, drum hit and string strum is like crystal and highlights just how unique and still strong Ozzy’s vocals are. 

“No Escape from Now” reunites 2/4ths of Black Sabbath, throwing Tony Iommi into the fray for his first appearance on this LP. Iommi and Ozzy take us for a doomy, stomp around the garden. If you’re a Sabbath fan, you’re gonna have a blast with this. Our date with guitar gods doesn’t stop there, with none other than Eric Clapton popping by for some absolutely delightful lead work on “One of Those Days”, It’s an incredible blend of talents and works surprisingly well. 

Jeff Beck jumps back on for “A Thousand Shades” setting a bit of a slower pace, before “Mr Darkness” takes us between acoustic and electric shredding by Mr Wylde, in fact he joins us for a couple of tracks in a row. They’re a nice little grouping of very classic Ozzy sounds. Wandering between Doom, Hard Rock and 1980s heavy metal, if you’re a fan of Ozzy’s previous musical efforts, you’ve got a lot to love here. Hell, we finish with a harmonica laden genuine blues track with “Darkside Blues”. 

This album is 61 minutes of pure Ozzy bloody Osbourne, long time fans have got so much familiarity to enjoy, new fans have got a smorgasbord of killer intros to just what makes the Prince of Darkness such a God amongst men. You’ll be shouting for Sharon to bring you another helping in no time! 

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