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Album Review: Orianthi – Rock Candy

Artist: Orianthi
Album: Rock Candy
Release Date: October 14th 2022
Label: Frontiers
Reviewer: Rod Strachan

October 14th 2022 sees the release of “Rock Candy” – The fifth solo album for our very own Australian superlative guitar & song writing talent that is Orianthi. A follow up to 2020’s highly distinguished “O”, the latest release the album offers up 12 tracks.

“Illuminate (Part 1)” opens the album tracking in at just under a minute. An instrumental warm up to what lay ahead is the best way to describe this piece. “Light It Up” is co-written by album producer Jacob Bunton who has a mouth-watering resume in his own right. An Emmy Award winning producer & song writer who has worked with the likes of Mariah Carey, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Smokey Robinson & Akon just the name drop a few! Released as the first single on July 27th the track is the catalyst direction and what is to come from the album.

“Fire Together” takes you on an almost autobiographical journey for almost three and a half minutes of pure rock heaven. Featuring a trademark searing solo mid song and infectious groove – a sure fire hit from the second single released on September 7th. “Where Did Your Heart Go” showcases Orianthi’s sometimes well overlooked vocal ability and range. A beautifully arranged track that leans on both acoustic and electric guitar driven chords. A truly brilliant piece of work!

“Burning” is an experimental sound that works extremely well in the confines of this album. Well written lyrics work extremely well over the groove behind the beat. Conclusion” Experiment was well worth attempting and delivered very well! “Red Light” moves in several different tempo sequences that work extremely well. A scorching solo highlight this very well-structured track.

A compelling bass line leads us into one of the albums stand out tracks in “Void”. Blended perfectly with O’s vocal capabilities this song is one of the highest of highlights of an already burgeoning record! “Living Is Like Dying Without You” is a soulfully written and performed acoustic piece. Inspired by her own heartache’s that we all at some stage can relate too. Contrasting lyrics give this one a contrite feel that pulls deep at one’s own life meaning.

“Witches & The Devil” bring us back to a more rock feel. A fantastic track that leaves you wanting more…at just under a two-minute run time how could you not want this one extended a little more! “Getting To Me” is rock personified at it’s best from one of our premier song writers and performers. A seamless musical experience that encapsulates the album from beginning to almost end….”Illuminate (Part 2) closes the album with a faultless display of guitar instrumental work which also includes beautifully some orchestrated strings to close.

Orianthi has yet again proven her amazing talents lay far beyond just her expertise guitar playing prowess. This album is close to perfection as anyone could possibly hope for when releasing an album in 2022 – buy it and support this masterpiece – you will not be disappointed in the slightest!

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  1. Illuminate (Part I)
  2. Light It Up
  3. Fire Together
  4. Where Did Your Heart Go
  5. Red Light
  6. Void
  7. Burning
  8. Living Is Like Dying Without You
  9. Witches & The Devil
  10. Getting To Me
  11. Illuminate (Part II)

Orianthi – Vocals, Guitars
Jacob Bunton – Bass, Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Violin, Backing Vocals
Kyle Cunningham – Drums

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