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Hear 2 Zen Hangs With: Kav Temperley

Hanging With Hear 2 Zen in this episode is Eskimo Joe frontman Kav Temperley who joins us to celebrate the release of his latest solo album Machines Of Love And Grace. This is his second solo effort, following on from 2018’s All Your Devotion, it’s a record that has been a long time coming, and captures Temperley at a time when he’s eager to emerge from the morass of these last two years, and once again share music and tell stories in a manner only he can.

Throughout the record, there are some all-too familiar stories, with tracks that touch upon isolation, addiction, violence, and nostalgia. Together, they combine to provide a unifying soundtrack, the type that could only emerge from the sort of experience that Temperley and the rest of the world has experienced in recent times. “The album documents the incredibly strange and unique experience of the past three years of the pandemic,” he notes. “These are not meant to be stories of judgement, but rather a comment on the collective experience we all went through together as a society.”

Having wrapped up a regional tour that saw him preview new songs alongside solo material and Eskimo Joe classics, Temperley is excited to release his album, however, when he’s not too busy rocking out with legendary bandmates, Temperley will be eager to once again get back on the dusty trail and share his new compositions with fans old and new. “I’m looking forward to hitting the cities and the suburbs early next year
after the album has come out and everyone has got a chance to get to know the songs,” he says eagerly.

Thanks to Kav and the team at On The Map PR

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