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Live Review: Kings Of Leon – Brisbane 2022

Artists: Kings Of Leon (Supported by The Temper Trap)
Date: November 2nd 2022
Venue: Brisbane Entertainment Centre
Reviewer: Hayley Treadwell
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell Photography

What a fantastic night to be a fan of rock music! Kings of Leon have certainly staked their place in the music industry with a 23 year career, countless hits and millions of devoted fans. And after seeing them live, I can say they have some of the most passionate fans I have ever seen. 

It was a great start to the night, with The Temper Trap as our openers for the night. The arena in the Brisbane Entertainment Centre was already quite packed and it seems a lot of people came for the Australian Indie Rock band as well. 

And no wonder. The Temper Trap were amazing! As well as playing us hit after hit, they also delivered the most amazing instrumental performance during ‘Drum Song’ and I just could not stop tapping my feet along! I was in awe of the beautiful music these guys were making while having so much fun! The Temper Trap is certainly a band I would see again! 

Not too long after The Temper Trap, our eyes were drawn to the big stage screens where images from the audience were streamed! A bit of a kiss cam turned dance cam. It was a great way to start the show and had everyone happy and excited. 

And it was also a great segue into the first song of the night ‘When you See Yourself’. Kings of Leon, like a fine wine, have gotten better with age! Their passionate delivery song after song was flawless and I was excited for each new song! They played ‘King of the Rodeo’, ‘Revelry’, ‘Manhattan’, ‘Radioactive’ and ‘Back Down South’. The crowd sang almost louder than the band to hits ‘Closer’, ‘Crawl’, ‘The Bucket’ and ‘Use Somebody’. The crowd was full of energy and they certainly let the band know they were not done as the cheered the entire time we waited for the encore (which was the longest wait I’ve experienced for a while) and when the band retook the stage and gave us ‘Knocked Up’ and ‘Waste a Moment’ we partied like we never wanted it to end! And when the band said goodnight and told us this was there last song, the whole Brisbane Entertainment Centre exploded as the band kicked into ‘Sex on Fire’! I have never struggled to hear a band over the crowd like I did in that moment, but for me it just made it all the more special. 

Kings of Leon, you took us on an amazing journey through your career and I loved every minute of it! To the band, TEG Dainty and KOB Publicity, thanks for having us along. 

Until the next gig 


The Temper Trap – Setlist 

1. Thick as Thieves 
2. Lost Love 
3. Trembling Hands 
4. Rabbit Hole
5. Soldier On 
6. Science of Fear 
7. Resurrection 
8. Drum Song 
9. Sweet Disposition 

Kings of Leon – Setlist 

1. When you See Yourself
2. Slow Night, So Long
3. King of the Rodeo 
4. Taper Jean Girl 
5. The Bandit 
6. Revelry 
7. Manhattan 
8. Time in Disguise 
9. Radioactive 
10. Find Me 
11. On Call 
12. Fans 
13. Back Down South 
14. Pyro 
15. Closer 
16. Molly’s Chambers 
17. Crawl 
18. The Bucket 
19. Cold Desert 
20. Milk 
21. Use Somebody 


22. Knocked Up 
23. Waste a Moment 
24. Sex on Fire

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