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Live Review: D.A.D Brisbane 2022


Been a long wait since 1990 for Danish rockers D.A.D. Disneyland After Dark to once again step foot on Australian soil. Well… the wait is over in a big way and D-A-D are back celebrating their 35th Anniversary Tour. They kicked off the tour last night in Brisbane’s fortitude Valley at The Zoo and what a welcome back it was.

You can tell from the onset this is going to be a crazy party with a glimpse in the corner of Stig Pederson’s “Red Baron” bass I remember tech Troels saying in a gear YouTube clip “Four strings are for pussies” lol!

The carnival music sets the scene and the band make a grand entrance Stig Pederson in shimmering silver number that Bowie would have been proud of. Brothers Jesper Binzer and Jacob Binzer with flamboyant Laust Sonne with his signature pink jacket! You know this is going to be an impressive night.

The crowd was primed and pumped! Die-hard fans gracing the front row. One with a DAD Tattoo and the other had travelled from afar to see his favorite rockers, “a dream come true” he told me. This is what D-A-D means to so many fans around the world. The person in the mirror is a little older but the soundtrack of my youth tells me on this night I am eighteen again!

Ripping into classic tunes “Grow or Pay” “Everything Glows” and “Monster Philosophy” this Danish musical masterclass really is tight and has a true friendship and bond that is obvious on stage. The band are constantly taking the piss with each other and really enjoying themselves.

The backline of Stig and Laust drive this Disneyland machine with the perfect rhythm section and the punch of Stig’s Ampeg will put the two string bass haters back in their box! Laust was magical, you could not wipe the smile off his face, a pure genius behind the drums providing one of the most amazing drumming displays and solos I have ever seen.

Jesper jumps into the crowd and walks around the floor stirring up Laust, this is hilarious and has become an integral apert of any D-A-D show. So much fun and so impressive to see the interaction between the band and the punters and it really is obvious how much this band appreciates the fans.

The crowd belted out “Jihad” which to me is appropriate as there probably will not be much fuel left for us pilgrims! “Rim of Hell” “Girl Nation” “Point of View” and “Bad Craziness” are more classic highlights! Jasper was on fire! Providing an exemplary vocal performance with a classic metal guitar sound chunking away like a chainsaw in the background.

A beautiful masterclass duo of Jacob and Jesper with the acoustic “Laugh and a Half” where Jacob truly shines with a beautiful acoustic solo, such a highlight of an already amazing show. There is only one thing left! Jesper taunts the crowd “Who has to go to work tomorrow?” ripping into the “Sleeping My Day Away” That blew the roof off The Zoo, simply outstanding with every person on their feet.

Stig then bids farewell to the Brisbane Crowd lets grab that ice-cold beer “It’s After Dark.” A fitting end to the carnival. What an incredible evening of music. Thank you, D-A-D, for taking the time to come back to Australia, we have missed you so much! Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth you are in for a treat, buy your tickets and get along to one of the best shows of the year!

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