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Live Review: The Black Crowes Brisbane 2022


Alright! Alright! Alright…

The Southern Harmony Groove train arrived at the Fortitude Valley station delivering a masterclass of pure Southern Rock n roll and it was an absolute pleasure to be onboard.

Brisbane’s own Full Flower Moon Band ripped a jive and groove with a heavy hitting backline thump that echoed throughout the Hall. A triple whammy of electric 6 string love merged with the outstanding voice of Kate Dillon.

Smashing out tunes from the new album “Diesel Forever”. “Highway” a highlight mixed with the smooth raw sounds of “New Rocket” and “Roadie”. One would feel right at home time warped back to the 70’s immersed in a psychedelic state of euphoria and audio phonic bliss.

The Full Flower Moon Band have proven they mean business with a string of albums and a strong following amongst the Oz music scene. Lighting up the Valley with a fuzz filled bottom end electric haze of raw beauty and class.

Support Australian music and get out and see The Full Flower Moon Band as they put on a unique, powerful, and sensual experience that needs to be seen to be appreciated.

Alright! Alright! Alright…

James Brown “Get Up” echoed through the hall and the Gen-X kids got excited as the silhouettes of the Black Crowes hit the stage, Rich Robinson led the way sliding his way into “Twice as Hard”. A marriage made in heaven with the tones of Vox and Rickenbacker echoed through the Hall. 

The stage presence of Mr. Chris Robinson and a backline of auditory and visual bliss ensured the 30th Anniversary “Shake Your Money Maker” Tour had arrived, and The Black Crowes are here to deliver!

Ripping into classics such as “Jealous Again”, “Sister Luck”, “Could I’ve Been So Blind” and the Otis Redding 1668 classic “Hard to Handle”. Chris Robinson owned the stage with flamboyance and energy channeling the energy of Mick Jagger, James Brown, and Robert Plant to name a few of the many influences. This perfect mix of Southern style rhythm and blues merged with Hard Rock reenforces why this 1990 debut album was a multi-platinum success selling over 5 million copies.

There has been no love lost between the years and the Crowes have not slowed down at all.  This Audio orgy was a pure delight. Every instrument had such a space and clarity of its own with a rock-solid bottom end and back line, incredible keys and sultry backing vocals driving what I could only say was a perfect mix in a perfect venue.

Chris’s vocals throughout the evening were impeccable commanding the stage with an outstanding version of “Seeing Things” which left the Brisbane crowd speechless. The love in the room was evident a sold out 3000 punters belting out “Says she talks to angels; said they call her out by her name” a spinetingling moment in time that will remain etched in my memory.

The train kept a rolling with classic tracks from “The Southern Harmony and Musical companion” and “Amorica.” Rich belting out classic riffs of “My Morning Song,” “Wiser Time,” “Thorn in my Pride” and “Sting Me.” There could not be a Black Crowes show without a “Remedy” and the lads delivered #1 Billboard hit in pure style leaving the Brisbane audience blow away.

Fittingly ending the show with a classic Stones cover a fitting end to the evening. I can honestly say that this has been on of the most amazing displays of musicianship I have ever seen. There is a clear bond and love within the band that radiates energy creating something truly special.

If you get the opportunity to see The Black Crows on the road, just get there you certainly wont regret it.

Alright! Alright… Thank you, Black Crowes!

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