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Live Review – One Electric Day – Gold Coast 2022


There were signs of a thunderstorm, but the only spark was that of the stunning line-up of this year’s One Electric Day finishing the final leg of an incredible tour in Sunny Queensland’s Gold Coast. (Well, kinda sunny?)

Australia’s royalty of musical heavyweights The Chocolate Starfish, The Screaming Jets, Baby Animals, The Angels, and Noise Works supporting the incomparable, glamorous, stunning, classy, and sexy! (I could go on…) Suzi Quatro. 

Two young lads from the GC started to get thing going with some great acoustic renditions of Australian Classic rock from the likes of Aussie Crawl, Paul Kelly and Hunters mixed with your own material with heart and soul. A tough act lad to warm up a mixture of both millennials and baby boomers at the same time but you managed to pull it off beautifully!

Next up the Flamboyant larger than life character that is Adam Thompson and The Chocolate Starfish exploding on stage with a presence that Freddie Mercury would have been proud of! Smashing out the Meatloaf Classic “Bat out of Hell”. What a masterpiece ofmusical brilliance from a band who has been exciting this country since 1992.  Playing classis such as “Mountain” “All Over Me” and “Four Letter Word” the band had the Gold Coast crowd up and jumping “Get of your ass you lazy bastard” echoed Thompson as they smashed out “Your so Vain” the Carly Simon 71’ hit.  The band were tight Zakk Zedras (guitar) smile from ear-to-ear sensation as always. Rock solid rhythm from John Nixon (bass) Norm Falvo (keys) and the hard-hitting Darren Danielson (drums). How talented are these guys!

Thompson is now channeling a mix of Bowie, Elton, Liberace, and Peter Allen (yep that is possible! Think about it!) made the ground rumble and the crowd go crazy. Diving into the masses in the front row interacting and entertaining like a true showman! The band ended with a rendition of “What’s going on” by 4 Non blondes that had 10000 people all up and singing it was truly a magical moment, setting the scene for what was going to be a stellar day! We cannot wait for the Fish and the “Bat Out of Hell” Tour 2023.

Newcastle legends “The Screaming Jets” ripped it up next and they certainly did not disappoint. On the back of the re-release of the 1991 30th Anniversary (can you believe that 30 years?!?!) “All For One” opening with “C’mon” the lads did show the Gold Coast crowd how to fucking do it. The always outlandish Dave “Gleeso” Gleeson is an absolute legend if you want stage presence and attitude you got it. Blasting out the classics “Helping Hand”, “Better” “Eve of Destruction” to name a few of the songs these lads have made a part of music history over a stellar 3-decade career. Paul Woseen (bass) flawless driving a sold back line with the talented Cameron McGlinchey (drums). A stellar Scott Kingman (guitar), Jimi Hocking (guitar) bought it home with a stunner set from these Aussie music legends. Always consistent and always fun from start to finish, the energy of this band is something to see, if you have not had the opportunity to see the Jets live catch them on their Rock Vault 2023 Tour across the country you certainly will not be disappointed!

Adding some class and attitude to this party are the one and only Baby Animals. This band is pure genius, and they always deliver. There is no doubt at all that Suze Demarchi must be one of the finest singer songwriters this country has ever produced (and one of the hottest I might add) Gracing the stage with a touch of romance, fashion and beauty and style Demarchi commands attention making it hard to take your eyes off her. The raw talent and skill of this band is insane and as always Dave Leslie (Guitar) is on top of his game. Dario Bortolin (bass) sharp and on point. The talented Mick Skelton (drums) holding down the backline. The band played a string of their best hits “Rush You”, “Early Warning” “Painless” “One Word” and the Gold Coast crowd lapped it up.

The elder statesmen, The Godfathers of Aussie Rock, the legends that are The Angels – It does not get any better! Gleeso on pure adrenalin and double duties channelling the legendary Doc Neeson but adding that special Dave Gleeson touch! A flawless performance laying down classic Angles tunes that had the Coast pumping. 10,000 strong chanting “Am I ever Gonna See your Face Again? No Way Get Fucked Fuck off” was what some would call pure magic! And the classics continued “Shadow Boxer” “No Secrets”Be with You” “Take a Long Line” and “Marseille” proof that these guys are not slowing down any time soon. The masterclass of generational talent from the Brewster Boys Rick (guitar), John (guitar) Sam (bass) and Nick (drums) produced a distinctive crunch that can be recognized anywhere as The Angels.

Next on this fine lineup were a newly reformed Noiseworks on the back of a brand-new album “Evolution” showed the Queensland crowd that they are back again and ready to rock. John Stevens’ vocals were polished and unflawed in every respect. Joined by the phenomenally talented Mr. Jack Jones (Guitar) this was always going to be something special.

The band were on top of their belting out classics “Reach Out” “Love somebody” “Voice of Reason” “No Lies” “In My youth” and “Heart and Soul” first single from “Evolution” The band were perfect.  Steve Balbi (Bass), Kevin Nicol (drums) and Justin Stanley (keys) gave us an outstanding display of musicianship. “Take my Back” and “Hot Chili Woman” rocked the suburb of Southport the crowd chanting “Yeah, yeah” back at Stevens, a truly magical and breath-taking moment seeing this band back in such fine form.

Well, it was time for Wild One, the Queen of rock’n’roll from Detroit, Michigan Suzi Quatro. Armed with Fender in hand this absolute superstar smashed out her classic hits one after another “Daytona Demon” “Can the Can” “48 Crash” “Mama’s Boy” and the classic “Devil Gate Drive” to name a few. Suzi made it look easy with a style and class mixed with a don’t f**k with me attitude, perfect!

Being a Suzi Q virgin, my first experience was amazing, and I could not wipe the smile off my face this little lady sure knows how to rock (jokingly reminding the GC crowd she was born in 1950 and she was 72 years old) but do you think age has slowed her down? No Way! “Bad Moon Rising” John Fogarty classic a highlight for me along with the “Stumblin’ In” duet with none other than Mr. Dave Gleeson (third duty for the evening) what a highlight.

It is hard to believe this lady has sold over 50 million albums and wears so many hats, but Suzi herself admits music is her life and she was born to be on stage. Never a truer word has been said. Suzi Quatro you are amazing. I hope you were satisfied Suzi because we certainly were! Thank you!

I need to make an honorable mention to the class Aussie players backing Suzi. Australia’s own answer to Orianthi, Nat Allison (guitar), Darren Danielson (drums), Tim Henwood (guitar), Paulo (Keys) and Johnny Salerno (drums) superb!

What an amazing day for a feast of rock’n’roll in a perfect location on what is proving to be one Australia’s best loved festivals. A big thank you to all of those involved for putting on such a great day for music!

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