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Live Review: Good Things Festival 2022 – Brisbane

PHOTOGRAPHER: DAYNA GILMORE ( IG pickleprincessphoto


Winning their spot-on today’s line up, APATE took the Brisbane Good Things crown as they  welcomed the eager sea of black shirt wearing punters into festival grounds on stage 5. Like  a well-oiled machine, APATE tore up stage 5 with immaculate precision and delighted those  who were there, and ready to mosh.  

There’s nothing like a bit of bris deathcore to get the festival started! 


The ‘elder emo’ pop crowd were loving the first album throwback Kisschasey provided early  Sunday afternoon, with some hardcore fans singing at the top of their lungs as the band did  what they do so naturally. Gracing us with fun, upbeat nostalgia to get us in true good things  spirit. 


You can’t get anymore ‘Australiana’ than cosmic psychos – red wine in tow, the psychos  delivered. The energy radiating from their worshipping crowd was as cosmic as ever, middle  fingers raising left right and centre, with the utmost respect of course. There’s something  wholesome about a crowd raising their fingers, yelling ‘F*ck you’ to a band they love. It was  the most community I felt from a crowd today. Just like us, speaking our language on beer  and food – CP are still showing up and showing out.  


At this point in the afternoon, the crowds started to grow, and the hype was building. Joel’s  vocals pierced our collective eardrums, and we were in business – the Amity fans were  ready and waiting to pummel themselves around and over the barrier that separated us.  Chaos was always the plan, and it was achieved – “don’t lean on me” was taken literally.  Legends, The Amity Affliction show no signs of slowing down, with clear support and  dedication from fans both old and new. Fire and ferocity sum up their set perfectly. 


HEAVY and ROARING, GOJIRA were one of the standouts for my Good Things Festival  experience. Their progressive, death metal sound attracted one of the larger crowds on  Sunday, their reach was clear, with one of the most diverse audiences. Unleashing ‘Born for  one thing’ onto the keenly awaiting punters, their energy was unparalleled, booming as loud  as the canons firing off in-between breakdowns. One of, if not the MOST hectic mosh of the  festival, the giant crowd made it known that we love Gojira – and that we could show it too.

GOJIRAS technical brutality thrived in Brisbane, and we welcome them back with open arms  when they return, hopefully sooner rather than later.  


The turnout for SWS was huge – They could have easily gotten away with a mainstage slot.  The musical shift between Gojia and SWS was a shift, but the overarching theme of today’s  crowds didn’t. The strong, unwavering fanbases that these bands share speak volumes for  

the quality acts we got the celebrate. Providing us with a mix of their emo/scene classics like  “If you can’t hang’, “If I’m James Dean’ (throwing me straight back into high school, and  reminiscing) with tracks from their later records, sleeping with sirens made it feel like no  time had passed since 2011 – in the finest way possible. After warming the crowd up – we  were delighted by an absolute throw back cover of iris, Goo Goo dolls. Having released their  iconic version in 2012 – Iris was and still very much is – an emo classic. The chorus of voices  singing alongside kellin made for a sweet, tranquil moment amongst the consistent,  (welcomed) aggression in most pits.  


SO classically NOFX. From hard nipples to punk rock – fat mike was his usual obscure  grotesque, charming self. Their final show in AUS before their well-deserved departure from  the industry meant a true punk farewell. It seemed everyone turned up to bid NOFX a  Brisbane goodbye: this meant giving in to our intrusive thoughts and letting our inner fat  mikes out and proud. Letting lose, and letting a few tears go, it was the bittersweet goodbye  we all deserved.  


We all know we were mostly here for one reason, and that reason was DEFTONES – aligning  fans of all ages, genders, and backgrounds – the transcendent quality Deftones possess  really encapsulates ‘the more the merrier’ with the entire festival grounds waiting for metal  icon Chino Moreno to grace us, amaze us and emotionally destroy us. From tears to screams  – Deftones set was not one to forget. Playing various hits from their vast discography, stand  out tracks “My Own Summer’, ‘Digital Bath’, ‘Rosemary’ …. I’ll stop myself there – because  the entire set were hits and who am I to deny this! The hype was unreal and for a damn  reason! Chino’s vocals were immaculate – they radiated around the outdoor amphitheatre  in the most enchanting way, engulfing us all, as we bowed down to our king Chino, bathing  us in the glory and beauty that is DEFTONES. Ending their night with “Headup” – a massive  win, with Max Cavalera (Sepultura/Soulfly) to destroy us before BMTH were due on stage.  


“Can you feel my heart” ? ? Serious question! BMTH know how to put on a show. Opening their set with highlights from 2013’s Sempiternal, 2015’s “That’s the Spirit” & 2020’s “Post  Human” was the perfect way to kick off their last Good Things set – an embody of their past  and present sounds to appeal to us long-time fans and those newly acquainted. Pink 

confetti covered the crowd in a heart shaped blanket, and the delirium from the all-day sun  faded away. Oli delivered line after line with precision, passion and promise and the  beautiful swarm gave it back 10-fold. Being his usual commanding, charming self, Oli’s grasp  was almost asphyxiating – figuratively and literally. The general atmosphere was euphoric as  we relished in consuming what the Brit legends do what they do best – play HARD. Not  having performed for AUS audiences since 2019, it’s safe for me to assume on behalf of the fans – how long overdue a BMTH tour has been! Years of bubbling anticipation led to this  explosive Sunday set and send us off into the night processing what a huge, packed, fulfilling  day of music it had been. 

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