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Live Review: Offspring And Sum 41 – Brisbane

Artists: Offspring And Sum 41
Date: December 15th 2022
Venue: Riverstage, Brisbane
Reviewer: Dayna Gilmore
Photographer: Dayna Gilmore

As the gates of Riverstage opened and thousands of fans started filling in, I could tell this was going to be a huge final AU show. The faces lighting up the barrier for sum 41 radiated with joy, as ‘AC/DC’s ‘TNT’ started blaring, perpetuating the buzz of energy that surrounded us. Bursting on stage with an OG ‘Motivation’, it was 2001 again and it felt good! Sum 41 kept the setlist full of the early glory hits and skipped out on tracks from their 2019 release ‘Order In Decline’. This set very much felt like solid fan service, constructed carefully for the ultimate throwback fun – and it works! The carefree, nostalgia trip felt like a dual service between artist & fan, and it was a glory to witness!

Throwing in some cheeky infamous cover snippets like Smoke on the water and Seven Nation army – 41 covered ‘We Will Rock You’ in its entirety – heavily involving crowd participation and evoking our inner Queen. The infectious energy Sum 41 evoked from Brisbane’s Riverstage was magnetising, and the collective Sum41 salute initiated us all into their family for good.

The Offspring teased us with a 20-minute countdown, while filling the time with kiss cams and head bang cams – an engaging way to help pass the time and involve the crowd as we collectively anticipated and elevated the ‘concert’ experience! Out the gates; 1994’s ‘Come Out And Play’ beamed around the venue, kick starting the party. Mixing their set between 90’s tracks and songs from their 2021 album ‘Let The Bad Times Roll’ – a bonus for us, since the tour was initially scheduled before this album release! – kept the energy flowing and leaving us guessing what was to come next. The Offspring were clearly revelling in the joy of
a successful last night of the AUS tour – and the energy they gave us was transmittable. Joking with us, that ‘2 million people rocked up’ for their show and exclaiming that we were signing louder than their speakers. Dexter interjected; “You’re a smart fucking crowd with voices of angels’ ….so you could tell we had a good thing going.

Delighting us with an Australian cover of ‘Pub Feed’ by the Chats was a sweet tribute to the Australian crowd’s that have held their arms wide open for The Offspring’s return – This was followed by an Edvard Grieg cover, and a cover of ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ by the Ramones. A short and sweet cover to lead into crowd favourite ‘Gotta Get Away’. Dexter then delighted us with a solo piano version of ‘Gone Away’ to bring things down and explore the more tender side of The Offspring’s talent. Which gave us some lovely downtime before the final few songs (before the encore).

Ending the night on 2 brilliant tracks; ‘You’re gonna go far, Kid’ and ‘Self Esteem’ – made for an electrifying end to a brilliant night of music. The exchange that went down that night, between artist and audience was a tangible, fulfilling trade, and we’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.

Dayna for Hear 2 Zen.

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