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Live Review: Glamfest Brisbane 2023

Show: Glamfest 2023
Date: January 25th 2023
Venue: The Brightside
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell
Reviewer: Hear 2 Zen Team

Let’s face it, the 80’s, if you were lucky to live through it, was one of the greatest times in rock music. Everything was FUN! Yes, some of the fashion may have been questionable, but it was all done for FUN. When the team at Silverback Touring announced they were bringing out Glamfest, featuring some amazing international bands from that time, plus locals who tip the hat to it, it was hard not to be excited.

Before we get into the day, lets just all take a moment to realize the logistical effort the Silverback Touring team pulled off. 6 international bands from different areas of the globe, plus locals, coming together for 4 shows in 4 cities over 4 days. No matter how you look at it, that is a super human effort and I know the Brisbane crowd were appreciative beyond words.

The courtyard of the Brightside could have easily been confused for the parking lot of the Rainbow, where all the VIP Meet N Greets took place but as the night went on the bands all mingled happily with punters creating an unforgettable vibe.

Locals like Sisters Doll, who are making a name for themselves internationally easily held there own with their counterparts from the US and you can see them going from strength to strength.

TUFF were blistering start to the international contingent, and Stevie, Chase, Billy and T ripped through their set with not only immense power but an undeniable connection to the fans. Pretty Boy Floyd were up next and Steve Summers who had been stage ready all afternoon (how did your makeup not run in the Brisbane heat, dude), went from sharing drinks with fans to tearing them a new one on stage within minutes. It was amazing to see that transformation before your eyes.

Enuff Z’Nuff were my favorite for the day, and the always smiling Chip Z’Nuff lead the band through some amazing songs from their catalogue as well as his own favorites. Kicking off with a cover of Beatles “Magical Mystery Tour” was a show within a show for me. I hope we see them soon for a headline tour, as Chip pointed out to us pre set, they have over 20 albums so it makes it hard to pick a set.

Sweden’s Eclipse took to the stage in loud foot stomping fashion, and you could see within the crowd a lot of punters were so happy to see these guys on our shores. Now while their music is a little more complex than AC/DC, I couldn’t help think that this would be what AC/DC would sound like if they came from Sweden.

Next up Mr. Motherfucker himself Wednesday 13 brought his take no prisoners attitude and arena ready show and crushed that little Brightside stage into oblivion. Many people think a W13 show is all about the theatrics. well they can only do so much and W13 has the songs to back it up, with a truly amazing set.

Closing out the night were the Sunset Strip Sleaze Kings, Faster Pussycat. Taime and Co. made no bones about showing the crowd why they were in the headline slot. Mixing their classics like “Bathroom Wall” and “Cathouse” with new track “Like A Ghost’ and an amazing glammed out cover of the INXS cover “Don’t Change” all made sense. Tip of the hat to FP guitarists, Australia’s own Ronnie Simmons (good luck in Rose Tattoo mate) and an absolute guitar hero in Sam Bam Koltun, who showed why the twin guitar attacks of the 80s were essential to bands. Koltun commanded the stage and is really someone to watch and Simmons played the prefect foil. Amazing stuff

It was a great evening and while all the bands were top shelf the real heroes were Danny Bazzi and his Silverback Team. They pulled off this event and while I am sure it was not easy they made it look easy that is for sure. Thank you Danny and Silverback for an amazing night that I hope becomes a new yearly event down here!

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