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Album Review: The Poor – High Price Deed


With a thriving Aussie Rock scene, with new bands and artists constantly emerging all the time. The Poor have stayed consistent and true to form. Providing fans both new and old with such incredible energetic live shows.

Teasing a new album early last year with “Paybacks a Bitch” a brand-new song, with the same passion and attitude we love!  

Once again, that storm has been brewing on Queensland’s coastline, the tropical cyclone known as The Poor. High Price Deed has been slowly forming over the past decade and is now ready to strike and wreak havoc on anything that gets in the way.

This album is raw, gritty, ballsy and has everything that would be expected from the band. The playing on the album is exceptional, the vocals and production outstanding along with Classic Hard Rock songs we have so desperately missed! Welcome back lads! 

Cry Out – A single from the album that provides a guitar driven melody and raspy Anthony “Skenie” Skene Vocals, what more could you wish for? A battle anthem of modern times, loving the guitar once again as you will understand Daniel Cox has really staked his claim in this band each song a shredding masterclass. This is a good opening track and sounds even better after a few listens. Horns up, this will be an epic live track and I am keen to hear the boys do it to support this release. 

Goin’ Down – This one Cranks along like an early AC/DC Classic. Skenie’s vocals are raw, and the guitar solo is once again magical from Dan. The Bass in this is a winner with Matt Whitby laying down some serious foundations and groove to this pounding track. This song has a killer rhythm, attitude and grunt that screams a poor classic! 

Hurricane – A large rotating storm system with high winds and heavy rain. Meaning “God of the Storm” Killer riff tight foundation with a solid rhythm section. Skenie’s vocals are once again raw and powerful with heavy gang vocal backing. Kudos again to Daniel for really taking tis song and adding those stormy guitars that really work so well with the song. Are you ready Australia? Were Gonna blow you Away! 

I Know it’s Wrong – This one sends a strong message and brings it down a slight notch. The melody and lyrics speak volumes with a powerful harmony from the band in the chorus that truly shows the caliber and versatility, and improvement of these lads. I personally love this song and it is a highlight from the album. 

Let Me GoSkenie really gives it all with this song. Emotion and raw power from the slow build up of the versus to the blinding chorus. This is a cracker and was released as a single in late 2022. Gang vocals in the chorus are some of the best and also throughout this album for that matter. I feel the Poor have really come along way with fine tuning vocals on this album. Gavin Hansen holding up another fine backline with some classy fills on this one. 

Lies – Oh Yeah baby, bring the bass! Nothing makes me happier than a bass moment, but I am a little bias here! Matt really brings his A game here with some very cool groove to this one. With some added magic from Gavin and the lads had me tapping away and really rocking with this one. This track brings some Rock and groove to the album, a very cool song. 

Love Shot – I really don’t like to compare bands but to give you all an idea of this song! I reckon it would sit nicely on “Back in Black” Big guitars and Brian Johnstone style vocals on this bad boy! I love it, another highlight from the album. Crank this one up in the car at the lights with the windows open, team Poor FTW!  

Lover – The guitar driven riff to this song is outstanding Dan again excels on this one. Sleezy, rough and ready rock driven by raw gang vocals have all the ingredients for a rock song! Skenie sets free his inner scream amongst a shredding masterclass! 

Paybacks a Bitch – Well if you have not heard this you are living under a rock, the first teaser from the album, it’s been around for a little while now and is raw, fast, energetic and that Hurricane called the Poor is alive and well, just incase you missed them over the last decade! It is a banger and has it all for any lover of Hard Rock music! This song in my opinion really sums up what this band is about if you listen to any song on the album and have not heard of “The Poor” go to this track turn it up to 11 and prepare to get a lesson in Aussie Hard Rock at its absolute best! 

Take The World – The latest single off the album is another consistent hard rock song. I really like the feel of this song, great vocals again from Skenie he really has excelled and to be honest as the old saying goes like a fine wine just gets better with age. Dan has once again added a melodic solo to this song that really fits well. What I like about Dan is the fact that he manages to put the right guitars in the right song. By that I mean he does not go crazy every song shredding that he can do so easily just really thinking about the melody and where it will actually fit. And that is the skill. 

This is the Story – This one speaks for itself with a subtle political message. I’ll let you all figure that out it’s not hard!  A little different for the lads but certainly has that “Poor” style, angst, anger, and frustration in the music that really wants people to stand up and listen. No, we won’t bow down! Horns high! 

Too Long – A ballad that really works well amongst the hardness and energy of this record. This slows it down a little and shows a different side to the band. Creative melody and heartfelt vocals proving the band can do anything. 

In a summary Mixing it with the best that Australian Rock has to offer with the likes of Rose Tattoo, AC/DC, The Angels to name a few. There is no doubt that The Poor have really staked their claim within Aussie Rock royalty, and they so, so deserve it. 

If you want a great Hard Rock Album High Price Deed will not disappoint, it has that energy and passion that the band are renowned for!  They are fighters in a tough industry at the moment and have come through it with flying colours, the band have never stopped doing what they believe in and it has certainly paid off. 

Well done guys, a killer album to be proud of and I look forward to seeing you on the road. Support The Poor, support local, buy the album go to the shows!  


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