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Live Review: Nothing, Nowhere – Brisbane 2023

Headliner: Nothing, Nowhere
Supports: Lontalius
Date: 11th February 2023
Reviewer: Dayna Gilmore
Photographer: Dayna Gilmore


Lontalius was a gentle start to the evening, soothing the large crowd that showed up early in support. New Zealand artist, Lontalius has a graceful, delicate agency to him – and a bright,  genuine gratefulness. Stripped back with one guitar and his voice – baring his raw ability on a  busy Saturday night… the audience was receptive and engaged amidst his presence on stage – despite it being a genre-odd, yet perfectly well-chosen choice for the opening act, his set  complimented the atmosphere well. The NZ artist provided a lovely warming energy before  things took off in a high energy shift right on 9pm, Saturday the 11th of February.  

Nothing, Nowhere  

Sincerity & strobing lights: bundled up in a Nothing, Nowhere bow. N, N burst out of the gates  with ‘CYAN1DE’ amongst such energy & enthusiasm, it’s hard to imagine they just flew across  the planet! Their unbridled enthusiasm was infectious & the ‘hell yeah, fuck yeah’ chants were  bursting every unplugged eardrum in a 1km radiance. Giving us their all, N,N encouraged the  Brisbane crowd to commit to the moment, sing and scream, which resulted in the touring  guitarist exclaiming: “Holy shit Brisbane! This is the best show of tour!’ 

With both tiers of the princess theatre buzzing, N,N captivated the crowd with their multi  genre music. Playing a track from the highly anticipated March 2023 release ‘Void Eternal’ – singer Joe Mulherin spoke about escaping the city, recording the album in his barn, away from all the ‘bullshit’ – labelling the upcoming album as ‘BADASS’ and the best work so far. A joint  proudness emulated its way through the theatre in support of Joe + the band, which grew the  already electric environment.  

Slipping between rap, and hardcore trap provided N,N with unique momentum throughout  their set, propelling them between songs and crowd moments. It was a diverse and set, mixed  with humility, grace, heaviness, and deep cuts from the SoundCloud days; including popular  track ‘Fake Friends’ which was an instant hit amongst the crowd. Performing from his guts both  physically and emotionally, with pure pleasure for his craft cutting above all else – nothing  nowhere was a blast to watch perform. From his modest laptop beginnings to travelling to the  other side of the world, Mulherin made it clear that he never anticipated his
music ‘taking him  here’ (Australia), but were sure glad it did.  Nothing, Nowhere’s album “Void Eternal” is out March 31st, worldwide.

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