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Live Review: The Superjesus – Miami Marketta 2023

Headliner: The Superjesus
Supports: Dallas Crane
Date: 11/02/2023
Venue: Miami Marketta
Reviewer: Hear 2 Zen Magazine
Photographer: Andrew Treadwell Photography

What does 25 years mean to you? Is it just the time, or is it what you did in that time? For The Superjesus, after 25 years they know not only what they have done, but where they are headed. Armed with a new single and some fresh new faces, they showed the Gold Coast crowd why they are proud of their past but also have their view set firmly forward.

Kicking off the night are the might Melbournians Dallas Crane. These guys are a no frills full throttle ass kicking machine. They didn’t waste a lot of time with the crowd banter and just bludgeoned the crowd with song after song. Tracks like “Sit On My Knee”, “Lovers And Sinners”, sat nicely with covers of Led Zeppelin’s “Rock N Roll” and AC/DC’s “Let There Be Rock”. A lot of time the opener is called the warm up act, and Dallas Crane more than warmed the crowd

The Superjesus started off their set with new drummer Murray Sheridan taking the stage alone and setting the pace for the rest of the band to enter the stage. Stu Rudd added some more low end with his entrance quickly followed by the new six stringer Cam Blokland and the life of the party herself Ms. Sarah McLeod. The energy is already evident as the band delivers a one, two punch of Ashes and Secret Agent Man, leaving no inch of the stage uncovered.

When bands have lineup changes there is always a teething period, but Blokland and Sheridan fit seamlessly and there is a more of that classic TSJ sound coming from the stage, Its loose but not too loose, its tight without sounding manufactured, you know what it sounds like a Rock N Roll band!

We were treated to not only the new single “Money”, but also two tracks from the upcoming album, “We Won’t Let Go”, and “Lights Out”. They are both amazing new tracks retaining the classic sound. “Light’s Out” is an absolute smash, one of the best rock songs to come out in the last 10 years at least

The band made the most of their hour on stage, and honestly it was just not long but it’s obvious that this is just to wet our appetites for a new album and future tours, and I know the Miami Marketta crowd are already wanting more and so will the audiences around the country that see this tour. The smiles from the stage is infectious, and the music is amazing. Don’t miss this tour


Secret Agent Man
I’m Stained
Shut My Eyes
Come Back To Me
We Won’t Let Go
Lights Out
Down Again
Second Sun
Stick Together

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