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Live Review: Arch Enemy

DATE: 15/02/2023

Arch Enemy never fails to deliver. Their melodic death metal style is anchored by the flawless Alyssa White-Guiz with her clean vocals and powerful growls. This was indeed the case last night with Arch Enemy driving relentless riffs and commanding melodies displaying a theatrical experience that was second to none.

Aussie Brisbane locals Valhalore opened the evening with a bang showing why they are a true class act. If you were unaware, you would think these guys were a European powerhouse within the vein of Nightwish meets Amon Amarth. Such a fine display of what I would describe as Viking influenced epic folk metal channeling a variety of different styles.

The band really entertained the Brisbane crowd with a mixture of melody and raw power. Drawing on the many elements of symphonic, death and folk in their style this was an epic experience to behold. Lachlan Neate really entertained the masses with his showmanship and intense vocals both clean and dark, coupled by the subtle melody of Sophie Christensen and her beautiful wind instrument melodies.

The backline rhythm section really laid down a big sound with an awesome display of double kick drum and bass magic from Morgan Cox and Matthew Grimley. Guitars we sharp and on point with harmonies and rhythm from Anthony Willis and Lucas Fisher presenting a technical display of synchronized perfection to warm the Brisbane crowd.
Anticipation was high for one of the most influential, original, and exciting bands over the last few decades was about to hit the Brisbane Stage. Since 1995 Arch Enemy have released 11 albums, with some line up changes Arch enemy seem to go from strength to strength supporting their new album “Deceivers” what I consider the album of the year for 2022.

The band opened the night with Deceiver, Deceiver with the venue erupting into a frenzy with when Alyssa graced the stage looking indeed Ravenous! The technical ability of this band has to be seen to be appreciated with a masterclass of absolute power metal at their disposal. Daniel Erlandsson on the drums did not seem to tire mastering his craft. Double-kick mechanical precision throughout the entire evening backed by his partner in crime the very talented Sharlee D’Angelo driving the low tuned Iceman to do his bidding in a stunning technical display.

The band delivered an evening of chaos in Brisbane! highlights War Eternal, Eye of the Storm, The Watcher, Sunset over the Empire, Handshake with Hell, Nemesis & Burning Angel. The song writing talent and strength of this band aligned with alluring rhythm, chorus, and melodies that Arch Enemy somehow craft is breathtaking. The guitar duo of Michael Amott and Jeff Loomis is daunting. I must say, I was absolutely blown away. Their shredding guitar skills are second to none. The technical proficiency they have is astounding, with captivating melodies and extreme dark lead riffs. Visually stunning with a mutual respect that clearly is evident and mesmerizing to watch. They are undoubtedly the best in their field!

The commanding force of Alyssa White-Guiz performing live was truly a highlight for me. She is incredible! Her combination of sexy dark vocals, power melodies, growls, sweet clean harmonies are truly unique. her stage presence commanded respect. She knows how to captivate an audience with her stunning theatrical performance!

Seeing Arch Enemy perform live was an incredible experience. Their musicianship was evident throughout the evening of annihilation crushing 13 songs, which included a 5-song encore that had everyone in the audience mesmerized. I don’t often get to witness such amazing displays of skill and ability, and I’m so glad I got the chance to see Arch Enemy as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Thank you!

As always support the bands, buy the music, see the shows! Rock On! – Mert

Set List

Deceiver, Deceiver
The World Is Yours
War Eternal
In the Eye of the Storm
House of Mirrors
My Apocalypse
The Watcher
The Eagle Flies Alone
Handshake With Hell
Sunset Over the Empire
Blood on Your Hands
As the Pages Burn


Enemy Within
Burning Angel
Snow Bound
Fields of Desolation

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