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News: Edie Shares Her Top 5 “Front Row” Moments

Drawing deep inspiration from 90’s pop-rock, fandoms of yesteryear & film soundtracks that shaped her youth, EDIE brings a fervent and heated new track to kick off the year. ‘Front Row’ is a personal exploration of obsession & love, conveying the mind’s power to create an entirely fantasized relationship about an individual, who may not even know that you exist. Moody & brooding, it builds with roaring guitars, 90’s fuzz & driving drums. ‘Front Row’ is as at home in a 90’s rom-com as it is across airwaves, house parties & clubs, in 2023.

To celebrate the release Edie Shares her Top 5 Front Row Moments

Edie’s Top 5 Front Row Moments:

Dua Lipa – 2018 Nova’s Red Room

I was lucky enough to win tickets to see Dua Lipa at Nova’s Red Room in 2018. She was absolutely incredible, and I touched her hand! Definitely a core memory and my most memorable ‘front row’ moment.

Harry Styles – 2018

Seeing Harry Styles live in 2018 was crazy. My friend and I decided to line up for 14 hours to try and get front row. Lining up for that long was a bad idea and I don’t think I’ll ever do it again because I was so exhausted from the heat all day! It was still an amazing night and Harry will always be my number one.

Fleetwood Mac – 2019

I was brought up on Fleetwood Mac so getting the opportunity to see them live was amazing. I will never forget as soon as they came on stage I started crying – I was so confused because I was not expecting to cry but I think my inner child just got overwhelmed and excited! I’m so grateful I got the chance to see them perform live. 

One Direction – 2015

Of course, One Direction has to be on this list! 1D was the start of my fangirl obsession. I was so overwhelmed and definitely thought that a 21-year-old Harry Styles was going to fall in love with a 15-year-old me… I guess some things never change?

Yungblud – 2022

This was one of the concerts I remember as pure entertainment. Yungblud’s energy was addictive, and he created such a positive and safe environment. I felt so accepted and loved! It was one of my first concerts after covid and did not disappoint.

‘Front Row’ allows EDIE to ruminate the thoughts & emotions of an entirely single-sided & fantasized relationship, with the all-encompassing nature then vocalized through song. Partnering with Dylan Ollivierre (Holy Holy, Tia Gostelow, Meg Mac) in his personal studio. via a co-write with WAM award-winning Finn Pearson, the Australian songwriter & producer grasped EDIE‘s vision for the track; blending sonic elements of 90’s chart-toppers with modern production & instrumentation. Rounding out production, WA’s dynamic duo Andrew Lawson (End Of Fashion, Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe) & William Bowden (Paul Dempsey, Hermitute, Empire of The Sun) handled mixing & mastering.

“Through the track ‘Front Row,’ I explore themes of fixation, love, and obsession. The song shines a light on the dynamic of a parasocial relationship and its all-encompassing nature. The track conveys the power of the mind to create a fully realized fantasy relationship about an individual who is not even aware of your existence. From personal experience I know this can happen to the best of us!” EDIE

“In creating the song, I was heavily influenced by 90s pop rock and in particular the film soundtracks that shaped my youth. I love being in the studio and was fortunate enough to work with talented people who understood my vision!” EDIE

Having broken out in 2022 with debut single ‘Blame Me’, EDIE is eyeing off a return to catchy hooks & unique melodies to roll into 2023 with purpose. Having garnered strong praise from Declan Byrne (triple j) & Dave Ruby-Howe (triple j Unearthed), the Perth / Booroloo songwriter is continuing to deliver. With a range of inspirations from Hole, The Rolling Stone & Fleetwood Mac, EDIE is at the forefront of an emerging generation of artists; including Olivia Rodrigo, Maggie Lindermann & YUNGBLUD who are blending 90’s sonic-elements with modern songwriting, striking visuals & captivating songwriting. 

With the hooky & energetic ‘Front Row’, there is no doubt that EDIE is one of Australia’s premiere songwriters, a knack for soul-revealing rawness, bundled with captivating hooks & glorious sonics.


“Not gonna lie, I pressed play and went to do something else while I was listening, but these hooks dragged me back in! Such a fun one”

Declan Byrne, triple j

“Yeah, so these influences check out! This one burns a lil hole in your pocket and singes your fingertips, it’s that fired up”

Dave Ruby-Howe, triple j Unearthed

Across the release, EDIE’s captivating vocals stomp above roaring guitar lines and driving percussion, building to an ethereal bridge wrapped with mesmerizing harmonies that showcases a dynamic approach to creating.”


‘Front Row’ is out Tuesday, February 14th

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