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News: SkinInc. Release New Single “Wicked Woman”

Australian hard rock band SkinInc. has released their first new music of 2023 with new single “Wicked Woman” – streaming now and available for digital download. Following a twenty-year hiatus, this is their third single to be released ahead of an anticipated forthcoming album.  

SkinInc. spotlights the global issue of climate crisis in “Wicked Woman.” Singer Paul Miles explains, “When it came time to write the lyrics for this song near the end of 2021, we had experienced six catastrophic weather events in Australia to date that year, including devastating bushfires, two floods, a tornado, a tropical cyclone, and an earthquake. On top of that, I was in Melbourne’s sixth lockdown from the global pandemic at the time. It got me thinking that such natural disasters and events were perhaps Mother Nature’s way of deliberately fighting back against the negative impacts that the human race is having on the planet.” 

Miles adds, “I actually wrote the lyrics as I sat on a log in the middle of Sherbrooke Forest, while looking around and appreciating the magnificent beauty of the nature that surrounded me. This juxtaposition stayed with me and can now be seen in the song’s accompanying video, where I return to that beautiful rainforest near Melbourne, while the other guys play in some beautiful natural locations around Perth.” 

The single’s artwork and music video for “Wicked Woman” features the striking Jade Townsend, bar manager of Australia’s globally renown rock’n’roll venue Cherry, as a Wicked Mother Nature. It was again produced and edited by Daniel Armstrong at Strongman Pictures, and shot by Rom Anthonis, with additional band footage shot by Caris Bingemann. The video is also top and tailed with quotes from Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ernest Hemingway.

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