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Live Review: Florence + The Machine – A Day On The Green, Sirromet Wines, Brisbane 2023


It was a very hot day in Brisbane, early Autumn feeling like Summer here as it so often does.  We put on our sunscreen and packed lots of water and made our way to Sirromet.  We made a bit of a family day of it with friends and our 2 boys, which is easy to do at A Day On The Green, as kids under 12 are free. 

Although I would say a quick side note, there is not much shade at Sirromet, in fact at almost none, so when we found  a little at the top of the hill and opted to take our kids up there, having security ask us to move because the lawn wasn’t full enough   yet was quite uncalled for, and I was happy when they let the issue pass and  keep our kids in the shade. 

As the crowd rolled in and the DJ played, the lawn eventually filled it nicely and the first artist of the day Hatchi took the stage. As she began she explained that there had been some technical issues but I loved her determination to come out and play 3 songs in the time she had, and they were enough to make an impact!  Last Dinosaurs were up next and these guys were funky! They had such a good, fun vibe and got the crowd gooving!  

As the sun just set, King Princess came bouncing onto the stage with all her energy! She has such a beautiful voice mixed with a Courtney Love rock vibe and I loved seeing her on guitar jamming with her band one moment and the next  delivering a beautiful soft, moving ballad. 

I am a new fan! 

It was still awfully hot even though darkness had come, but the crowd was still find with energy and excitement to welcome our headliner, Florence + the Machine.  I am a huge fan of uniquely beautiful voices and I believe Florence Welch’s voice is something else. But live, it just takes on a higher life force, it’s transcending! And the ‘machine’ alongside her lifting her up flawlessly. 

This was the 2nd last show of the Dance Fever tour and you wouldn’t have known it!  Through their exhaustion, and against the heat, Florence + the Machine delivered.  Opening with ‘Heaven is Here’ and straight into ‘King’ the crowd was instantly captivated and in the palm of Florence’s hand.  We heard lots of songs off the Dance Fever Album including ‘Girls Against God’, ‘Dream Girl Evil’, ‘What Kind of Man’, ‘Hunger’ and ‘Choreomania’.  

During fan favorite ‘Dog Days are Over’ Florence traditionally asks the crowd to put their phones away and enjoy a moment of pure connection with each other!  Such a beautiful and moving moment.  She shares stories of songs, herself and a passion for sharing music. I love her want to share connection, dance and love and unity! 

Fan favourites ‘Ship to Wreck’, ‘Kiss with a Fist’ and ‘Cosmic Love’ really got the crowd dancing! After a long encore, Florence + The Machine closed out the night with 3 songs starting with ‘Never Let Me Go’. Florence sharing a moving story about only performing this song again on this tour for the first time in 10 years. What a moment!  ‘Shake it Out’ blew off our emotions and we celebrated live music and danced the night out to ‘Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)’.

For me, Florence + The Machine and A Day On The Green was a match made in Heaven!  It was fantastic day, a magical night and a true celebration of dance!  Thank you to Sirromet Wines, A Day On The Green and all the bands for having us  along, we had a ball! 

Until the next gig 



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