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Check This!: Dande And The Lion Share The 10 Bands That Inspired Their New Single ‘Children Of The Hour

Sydney’s Dande & The Lion’s new single ‘Children Of The Hour’, is out now. After dropping their new wave French cinema feeling video last week, WATCH HERE. The band  are also set to take this killer track around the coast over the next 2 months including a support act slot with The VANNS TICKETS HERE

This will be our first little tour since things started opening back up so we’re super keen to get back out on the road and connect with people.”

Natassa Zoe, Dande and the Lion

The band checked in with us to share the 10 bands that inspired “Children Of The Hour”

Spotify Playlist Link: Songs that inspired Children of the Hour playlist 

  1. Cannons – Fire for You 

Tass was listening to this a lot when she was working on Children of the Hour. There are a lot of similarities in the sentiment of the storylines and no doubt had an influence on her writing.

  1. Holy Holy feat. Clews – The Aftergone
    Massive fans of Holy Holy; this song in particular. We love the blend of melodies with Clews.
  1. M83 – Midnight City
    The synth hook instantly grabs you, but it’s the uplifting feeling of this track which influenced us with the instrumental chorus for Children of the Hour.
  1. The Naked and Famous – Punching in a Dream

We’re big fans of the Naked and Famous for their pop melodies and song productions. They have good changes and pacing both vocally and musically which we really like. 

  1. Wolf Alice – Don’t Delete the Kisses 

We love this track and although it didn’t influence Children of the Hour because we heard it after we wrote it, we wanted to include it in this list because we love it so much. We really dig Wolf Alice, and Tass, in particular, loves how Ellie Rowsell moves between spoken word and singing; it’s the way she likes to tell stories with music, so it’s not surprising this really resonates with her.

  1. Jamie XX Romy – Loud Places
    There is something that reminds us of summer in this song. It is chilled and unobtrusive, and you can easily get lost in your own vibe. We feel Children of the Hour has similar summer festival vibes about it.
  1. Metric – Help I’m Alive 

“I tremble… you’re going to eat me alive”: oufff, what a line. We love Metric and the way they capture the 90s aesthetic in their music. Side note: when Tass showed this to Nick he had a little crush moment on the way Emily Haines pronounces “alive”.

  1. Arcade Fire – No Cars Go

This song has a lot going on in it, including the vocal melody harmonised with two different vocal tones that work really well together. Abbey and Tass’ vocal styles and tones differ too and songs like No Cars Go give us more confidence in stepping out of the box with two lead vocalists. 

  1. Peking Duk feat. Alisa Xayalith – Move – 

Right before one of our shows Tass received a phone call that left her feeling pretty rubbish. As a way of refocusing, Tass and Nick danced to this song before going on stage and in that moment it hit everything that Tass was feeling. We all went on stage and Children of the Hour just came through with all that emotion; mostly with “you left me in this mess.” This track peeled back another layer to the meaning of Children of the Hour for us.

  1. Glass Animals – Gooey

Glass Animals albums’ Zaba and Dreamland were on high rotation during the writing sessions of Children of the Hour; the up and down memories and those peanut butter vibes.

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