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Live Review: Bad Omens, The Triffid 2023


Australia, Knotfest time is here. The excitement in the metal community is indescribable, and its harkening back to the Soundwave years. Side Shows, Festivals, In stores, Lack Of Sleep and all in all a shit load of fun!

The Triffid hosted Bad Omens for their first ever Australian show, and also the kick off to all that is Knotfest in our town. Now you wont see any photos from this show, as the band requested to have no photographers, for all their sets in Australia. Now, personally I have no problem with this, but its also seems more than redundant with the amount of phones up in the sold out Triffid. So bands, I respect your right for no photos, but also, have a no phone rule while you are at it.

Bloom from Sydney took the crowd by the throat and wasted no time in making them all the bands new best friends. The mixture of clean and growling vocals, mixed with grinding guitars and pounding drums made for the perfect storm. The banter between the band and crowd between songs made for a light environment in all the dark.

After a small wait Bad Omens took the the stage. Noah Sebastian was a striking figure, casting silence on the crows for a small moment. The perfect calm before the storm. He is a front mans, front man. Charismatic, and controlling, yet inviting and welcoming.

Its hard to believe this is their first journey to Australia, with them now on their 3rd album and firmly in an upward trajectory. They take the crowd on an emotional ride with them, and truly reciprocate the love from the fans, with each of the band members taking to the mic to share the love

They will be on all three dates of the Knotfest run make sure you get there to check them out.

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