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Album Review: Empyre – Relentless


When a new band comes on your radar, and they immediately peak your interest, its rare. We live in a world where music is almost consumed like drive through fast food. Its prepared quick and consumed even quicker. So when on a first listen, you feel an album will have longevity you get excited, and this is what Northampton rockers Empyre have done with their latest release “Relentless”

You have power, you have moods, you have cinematic vibes, you have storytelling, all wrapped into one

There have been times while listening where I honestly feel I am listening to a film score, with all of the different textures and layers within the songs

From the albums title track and single that kicks it all off, you are witnessing a showcase of not only the talent these guys have on their respective instruments but also a showcase of the journey the album will take you on. 

Up next are singles 2 and 3 “Waking Light” and “Parasites”. “Waking” has an amazing accompanying video created from the ground up using some of the latest AI technology. Kind of scary, but also very very cool., while “Parasites” starts off slow and moody leading into a mixture of prog rock and straight up crunching shred metal.

The desolate violin sounds of “Cry Wolf” lead into a tight and heavy hard rocker, which picks up the pace on the album, and you then get a left turn with the super polished “Hit And Run” with its  commercial, almost late 80s “hard rock power ballad” sound, which isn’t a bad thing. It actually shows the diversity of the band

“Forget Me” epic song mixing electric and acoustic textures, which as we said earlier brings that cinematic film score vibe. Henrik’s vocals totally shine on this album but this track really highlights it.

“Road To Nowhere” and “Silence Screaming” are both fine displays of power, and just absolute riff fests that are begging to be put on the stage

The last two tracks on the album show how important the sequencing of an album can be to give the album or story a beginning, a middle and an end. “Quiet Commotion” is atmospheric, letting the music and vocals be wide open and breathing independently but also fitting together in the perfect puzzle, clocking in at over 6 minutes, the word “epic” does not do this justice, while “Your Whole Life Slows” closes out the album in almost a  metal blues kind of vibe, it seems the whole track was crafted to conclude the album, and not just put there because it had nowhere else to be.

If you are looking for an album to take you on a trip where your emotions will guide you in different directions this will be the album for you

Since their debut album Self Aware in 2019, Empyre have won Classic Rock Magazine’s “Track Of The Week” on three separate occasions alongside a ‘High Hopes’ feature, while Kerrang! described their sound as “slick, vast and like the music was written with the help of an architectural blueprint for an arena”. Planet Rock heralded the band as ‘Ones to Watch’, playlisting the tracks ‘New Republic’ and ‘My Bad’ and on the strength of the 2020 Winter’s End performance immediately booked them for the Planet Rockstock 2021 main stage.

Aside from their high aspirations and determination Empyre are also known for a darkly self-deprecating sense of humour and have proved they have what it takes to stand out from the crowd by delivering an engaging, if unsettling mix of melancholy, hope, and hopelessness, often within the same song.

 Alongside the release of their upcoming album the band’s music has also been featured on the soundtrack for new British film, ‘A Touch of Vengeance’ which is out now and available on Amazon Prime


1. Relentless [03:57]

2. Waking Light [04:36]

3. Parasites [05:18]

4. Cry Wolf [05:28]

5. Hit And Run [04:00]

6. Forget Me [05:48]

7. Silence Screaming [05:01]

8. Road To Nowhere [04:34]

9. Quiet Commotion [06:10]

10. Your Whole Life Slows [03:18] 


Henrik Steenholdt: Vocals and guitar

Did Coles: Lead guitar

Grant Hockley: Bass

Elliot Bale: Drums


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