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Live Review: In Hearts Wake – Brisbane 2023


Diamond Construct 

Warmed the stage this Saturday night in Brisbane’s lush fortitude music hall. The NSW locals  unleased with their djent/metal core music onto the eager crowd who arrived nice and early  to support the band. Although their set was short and sweet, their hyped-up energy and  momentum set the stage for a night of high propelled riffs and metal business.

The Gloom In The Corner 

Despite what appeared to be some technical issues, Gloom killed their set. Full of pure and  unbridled adrenaline and attitude, they dominated the stage and represented Melbourne.  The insane drumming, kicks and screaming – paired with some of the most aggressive bass  playing I’ve seen – had every head in the building bobbing along and getting into the mood.  

Slapping the bass axe like a mad hatter, and roaring vocals overpowering cemented the  Gloom in everyone’s good books this evening.  

Stray From The Path 

Unaged and electric. Stray from the path perform like it’s their last night on earth. The  ferocity in which they delivered each line and riff felt passionate and ignited, or in other  words, authentically PUNK. Seemingly pleased to be back in Australia after 3 long years – every patron in the building were loving the show that was being PUT ON.  In true stray from the path style, chanting gallantly about their anti-racist, anti-homophobic,  anti-police, their charged commentary was met with an overwhelming cheer.  The American hardcore punk band kickstarted the set with 2022’s ‘Needful Things’ and ‘May  You Live Forever’ from their most recent record ‘Euthanasia’ – which one could say, the  audience were IN and absolutely NOT in Stray From The Paths way. 

Following that up with 2017’s ‘Goodnight alt-right’ a ferocious track that needs no  explanation, had the audience wrapped up in a punk daze and before we knew it we were  halfway in. Aside from a track or two from earlier record subliminal criminals, we were  mostly treated to a play through of Euthanasia, which was fantastic for AU fans who were  waiting for a tour of the recent record.  

Uncontainable vigor are the two words I would describe SFTP’s set tonight in Brisbane. 

In Hearts Wake 

It was at this point, post stray, that everything turned up a notch, or 20. The crowd pushed  closer – somehow – and the 20-minute wait between sets was agonising for those  desperate for In Hearts Wake. Performing their 2012 ‘DIVINATION’ in full, the 10-year-old  record sounded fresh as ever, thanks to the contagious drive that in hearts wake, BLEED  onto the stage tonight. It was clear to see and feel, that this tour is full of love and lustre, 

with each member of the band performing as it was the debut of the record. The set didn’t  feel tired or dated – which is props to IHW for creating a timeless album which is still clearly  a favourite amongst their impassioned fan base, and the basis of which a tour like this can  exist. I think you know you’ve made it when you can go on a successful tour playing your  DEBUT album, released a decade ago…and by the looks on the boy’s faces – they recognise  their success with DIVINATION. Vocalist Jake Taylor came bouncing out on stage in a  reindeer costume – an ode to divination and the themes of the record including tarot cards  – which had a place front and centre as part of the stage design (two big tarot cards,  depicting femineity) amongst the green lighting that fell over the stage, emanating a  grounding feeling. Green IS calm. Even though nothing else about the show was calm! Enthusiastic fans were getting dragged out of the pit within the first few minutes of the first  track, legs in the air meeting soaring vocals and heavy guitar tones. It was a love affair as our  hearts melted into hearts wake and divination overtook.  

Tracks “Neverland” + “Departure” were big instant hits with the crowd, Taylor hopped out  of the deer suit after laughing off the struggle of getting out of it and followed up the  moment of comedy with “The Unknown”. After Divination was played in full – In Hearts  Wake treated fans to 4 tracks off their album ‘Kaliyuga’ (including ‘Hellbringer’ and  Worldwide Suicide’) before indulging fans in popular tracks ‘Gaia’ and ‘Earthwalker’ from Earthwalker, their very successful 2014 album which peaked at No.5 on ARIA charts. The  performances of these songs were raw and fervent, with passion and divinity layering the  walls of the Fortitude Music Hall.  The bands encore was a singular song – “Refuge” the 2016 track by Northlane + In Hearts  Wake, a track that is more relevant than ever, which discusses themes of crisis and the hell  on earth that humans have created. It was a real way to end the set, and on brand for the  band who have consistently woven themes of earth, nature, spiritual and the human  condition in their work. It was a joy to witness a big night in metalcore, this Saturday 29th of  April.

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