In this episode we are hanging with Ashenmoon and INXS Bass Player Garry Gary Beers, who recently jetted home for a quick trip home to celebrate the achievement of INXS having 4 Billion Global Streams, with his fellow band mates. Beers has spent a lifetime touring the world with his ‘band of brothers’ the internationally acclaimed superstars, INXS. He has enjoyed global chart domination. becoming one of the world’s most recognizable and respected musicians. Now, after decades in the spotlight, Garry has taken his experience and love of his craft to new heights launching GGB Basses, and he dropped by to fill us in on these amazing instruments and talk about the past, the present and the future.

MORE ABOUT GARRY GARY BEERS After studying both woodwork and electronics in his former years, it wasn’t long before Garry began customizing basses, by the time the nineties came around he knew what he wanted to create with his sound and finalized his Pickup design and patented it.

‘I have always felt more comfortable playing one bass on stage and in the studio but liked having different vintage style bass tones,” said, Garry Beers. A true labour of love, the Pickup design is unique with 4 different coils providing musicians with five distinct vintage bass tones and infinite variations with the simple turn of a knob.

The ‘Quad’ pickup design is patented and exclusive to GGB Basses. His creation is a nod to his ‘Old Faithful’ guitar that Garry played at the iconic Wembley Stadium concert with INXS, a performance that sits firmly at the top of the list of his favourite live shows for the ‘Summer XS’ tour in July 1991, where the band performed their career-defining gig to a sold-old crowd of over 74,000 fans., Garry recalls ‘“Old Faithful” is my 1958 Fender P Bass I bought in Chicago in 1985. She is 8 months younger than me and certainly shows her age … She is an amazing instrument in both sound and feel and has been with me on the road and in the studio since that day in Chicago.’

He adds ‘The GGB Basses overall are my take on Old Faithful’s weight, feel and balance- my custom pickups provide her vintage Fender P bass tone plus the other vintage tones. I am also building a “replica” of Old Faithful in 2 versions- one as she was when I used her at Wembley Stadium and one that shows her age now, with a lot less paint after a lot more miles. These models will be called the XS-58 and will of course have my GGB “Quad” coil pickup onboard.’ To compliment the unique design and sound, Garry has also chosen colours that he has had an affiliation with throughout his career adding another personal touch to his guitars.

For further information please head to https://www.ggbbasses.com/