July 2024

July 13th: Episode 182 – Lucas Stone (Read More)

May 2024

May 26th: Episode 181 – Monique Pym from Reliqa (Read More)
May 13th: Episode 180 – John Corabi (Read More)
May 6th: Episode 179 – Sam Fischer (Read More)

April 2024

April 14th: Episode 178 – Zoltan Bathory Of Five Finger Death Punch (Read More)
April 13th: Episode 177 – Andrew Craighan Of My Dying Bride (Read More)
April 1st: Episode 176 – Mike Einziger From Incubus (Read More)

March 2024

March 6th: Episode 174 – Mick Mars (Read More)
March 4th: Episode 173 – Jay Weinberg From Infectious Grooves (Read More)
March 3rd: Episode 172 – International Photographer Jonathan Rach (Read More)

February 2024

February 24th: Episode 171 – We review Mick Mars, The Other Side Of Mars (Read More)
February 13th: Episode 170 – We Review Ace Frehley’s 10,000 Volts (Read More)
February 10th: Episode 169 – Mark Slaughter (Read More)

January 2024

January 31: Daniel Mojjo Moilanen From Katatonia (Read More)
January 29th: Wednesday 13 (Read More)
January 28th: Clint Boge From The Butterfly Effect (Read More)
January 27th: Ben Ward From Orange Goblin (Read More)
January 14th: Jimmie Romero From Jetboy (Read More)
January 7th: John Steel From The Animals (Read More)

December 2023

December 22nd: Tino from Of Mice And Men (Read More)
December 18th: James Johnston (Read More)
December 17th: Kevin Martin Of Candlebox (Read More)
December 10th: Marc Lopes Of Metal Church (Read More)
December 1st: Garry Gary Beers (Read More)

October 2023

October 13th: Richard Patrick Of Filter (Read More)
October 2nd: Cam McGlinchey Of The Screaming Jets (Read More)

September 2023

September 28th: Legendary Songwriter Desmond Child (Read More)
September 27th: A Look Back At Kiss’ Australian Openers (Read More)
September 21st: Shane Embury Of Napalm Death (Read More)
September 10th: Chuck Garric Of The Alice Cooper Band (Read More)

August 2023

August 30th: Biggs From Rivers Of Nihil (Read More)
August 30th: Oli From Our Last Enemy (Read More)
August 29th: Adalita Talks The Rolling Stones Review (Read More)
August 25th: Danny Worsnop From Asking Alexandria (Read More)
August 24th: Jake From Chyra (Read More)
August 21st: Rod Hangs With Loveless (Read More)
August 19th: Danny Case Of From Ashes To New (Read More)
August 16th: Stu Rudd From The Superjesus (Read More)
August 15th: Nuno Bettencourt From Extreme (Read More)
August 1st: Voyager’s Ash Doodkorte (Read More)

July 2023

July 30th: H2ZHW: Jon O’Connor of Nirvana Tribute (Read More)
July 28th: H2ZHW: You Am I’s Davey Lane (Read More)

June 2023

June 29th: H2ZHW: Nathan Cavaleri (Read More)
June 28th: H2ZHW Johannes Eckerstrom From Avatar (Read More)

June 2nd: H2ZHW – Josh Todd From Buckcherry (Read More)

May 2023

May 28th: H2ZHW – Metal Blade Records Founder Brian Slagel (Read More)
May 23rd: H2ZHW Elliott Hitchcock from Battlesnake (Read More)
May 12th: H2ZHW Tony Campos of Static X (Read More)
May 2nd: H2ZHW Tim King (Read More)
May 3rd: H2ZHW Scarlet Page (Read More)

April 2023

April 17th 2023 – H2ZHW Rob Damiani (Read More)
April 1st 2023 – H2ZHW Jimmy Chamberlin (Read More)

March 2023

March 23rd 2023 – H2ZHW Lucas of Hammers (Read More)
March 23rd 2023 – H2ZHW Schuylar Croom (Read More)
March 5th 2023 – H2ZHW Beau From Saosin (Read More)
March 5th 2023 – H2ZHW Patrick Miranda (Read More)

February 2023

February 27th 2023 – H2ZHW Josh Wills (Read More)
February 23rd 2023 – H2ZHW Tempt (Read More)
February 22nd 2023 – H2ZHW Michael Sweet (Read More)
February 22nd 2023 – H2ZHW Sully Erna (Read More)
February 11th 2023 – H2ZHW Stix Zadinia (Read More)
February 7th 2023 – H2ZHW Brennan Mileto (Read More)
February 5th 2023 – H2ZHW Mike Schleibaum (Read More)
February 1st 2023 – H2ZHW Andrew McMahon (Read More)
February 1st 2023 – H2ZHW Joey Cape (Read More)

January 2023

January 30th 2023 – H2ZHW Rody Walker (Read More)
January 29th 2023 – H2ZHW CJ Ramone (Read More)
January 22nd 2023 – H2ZHW JJ Burnel (Read More)
January 21st 2023 – H2ZHW Taime Downe (Read More)
January 20th 2023 – H2ZHW Stevie Rachelle (Read More)
January 19th 2023 – H2ZHW Ella Hooper (Read More)
January 17th 2023 – H2ZHW Geoff Tate (Read More)

December 2022

December 8th 2022 – H2ZHW The Superjesus (Read More)

November 2022

November 18th 2022 – H2ZHW David Drainman of Disturbed (Read More)
November 12th 2022 – H2ZHW Josh Todd of Buckcherry (Read More)
November 11th 2022 – H2ZHW Doc Coyle of Bad Wolves (Read More)
November 10th 2022 – H2ZHW AJ Channer of Fire From The Gods (Read More)
November 8th 2022 – H2ZHW Cory Marks (Read More)
November 7th 2022 – H2ZHW Jocke Berg of Hardcore Superstar (Read More)
November 6th 2022 – H2ZHW Rich Robinson From The Black Crowes (Read More)
November 5th 2022 – H2ZHW Robert DeLeo (Read More)
November 1st 2022 – H2ZHW Arejay Hale From Halestorm (Read More)

October 2022

October 30th 2022 – H2ZHW Tyler Connolly From Theory Of A Deadman (Read More)
October 29th 2022 – H2ZHW Sisters Doll (Read More)