H2ZHW: Voyager’s Ash Doodkorte

H2ZHW: Voyager’s Ash Doodkorte

As much as you can rely on the Earth’s elliptical orbit, you can depend on Voyager to consistently  evolve. The band’s interplanetary balance of virtuosic pyrotechnics and skyscraping radio-ready  hooks morphs at the speed of sound from one era to the next. In bursts of bright light, luminous  keys, neon guitar wizardry, and stratosphere-shaking rhythms, they elevate hard rock to another  realm.

The group blast off on a signature hybrid of prog, rock, and metal possibly best described  as the musical equivalent of Guardians of the Galaxy. After piling up millions of streams, earning acclaim from the likes of The Guardian, and wowing  the globe on the Eurovision Song Contest, the Perth, Australia quintet—Danny Estrin [vocals],  Simone Dow [guitar], Scott Kay [guitar], Alex Canion [bass], and Ashley Doodkorte [drums]—take  flight like never before on their forthcoming eighth full-length LP, Fearless In Love [Season of  Mist]. We caught up with Ash to chat about the album, Eurovision and more!

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