H2ZHW: Danny Case – From Ashes To New

In this episode we hang out with Danny Case, singer of the band From Ashes To New
From Ashes To New have been making a splash in the rock and nu-metal scene with their new concept album BLACKOUT, released July 28 via BETTER NOISE MUSIC.

Set as a prequel to their 2016 debut album Day One, Blackout mirrors the state the world was in amidst the global pandemic during which it was written of unrest and angst with a pre-apocalyptic mindset. Its 12 tracks encapsulate From Ashes To New’s explosive blend of hard rock, hip-hop, electronic and alternative music.

Produced by vocalist Matt Brandyberry, alongside longtime collaborators and producers Grant McFarland and Carson Slovak¸ Blackout featured From Ashes To New’s fifth-ever Top 10-charting rock radio single, “Hate Me Too,” (#8) and their current radio single “Nightmare” is steadily rising on the Active Rock charts.

From Ashes To New recently revealed a new music video for the recently shared album track “Monster In Me,” which New Noise Magazine described as” show(ing) a new side of the band that puts a fresh spin on the sound that broke them onto the scene–one that is emotive, angsty, and relatable to those who come from all walks of life.”

Danny bought us up to date with the bands tour, the album and whats coming up in the future

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