Live Review: La Dispute – Brisbane 2023


With an arsenal of experimental sounds and an unapologetically unique approach to
music, Wifecult delivered a great live performance that warmed The Princess Theatre
up nicely.

From the very first note, it was evident that Wifecult’s performance was not going to
be a run-of-the-mill affair. One of the standout moments of the night was the band’s
performance of “Jasmine.” The song’s hard-hitting melody and poignant lyrics
created an emotional atmosphere, drawing the audience in.
Their performance throughout was strong and steady, putting emphasis on the
opportunity to play with both La Dispute and Blind Girls, rallying to support all of the
bands with merch sales and extending their gratitude for playing to the Princess
Theatre crowd this evening.

Blind Girls:
Blind Girls’ heavy screamo immediately entranced The Princess Theatre crowd. The
venue’s ornate décor and energy provided an intriguing contrast to the band’s
intense and evocative sound. I’m always partial to a sort of disjointed pairing and
seeing blind girls on a large stage such as this one elevated their already usually
perfectly executed shows.

Blind girls manage to stand out amongst the saturation and create an experience
that feels both intimate and expansive – which is why a larger venue fits their sound
perfectly. Having had the pleasure of attending several Blind girls shows, I can
confidentially say they nail every set and make for a great team of live performers.
Watching a blind girls set is like being drawn into the centre of their very own
universe and circling it for 25 minutes losing track of where you are. Disassociate
while watching. Each of their individual talents bundle up to form a super skramz
group, with some of the best drumming I’ve seen live in a long time. Their intricate
core meshed with powerhouse screams never bores – if anything you are left craving

Nailing their craft and always on the upward trajectory, Blind Girls are a must see,

La Dispute:
In a blaze of musical glory, La Dispute took over Brisbane’s Princess Theatre on the
elating night of August 18th, 2023. The energy in the air was electric from the
moment the lights dimmed, and the anticipation reached fever pitch as the crowd
eagerly awaited the band’s explosive performance.
The band wasted no time in delivering a whirlwind of sonic delight, launching into a
setlist that blended their signature post-hardcore sound with irresistible grooves that
were impossible not to move to. The synergy between the band members was
palpable, as they effortlessly fed off each other’s energy and brought their music to
life with fervour.

Lead vocalist Jordan Dreyer was a force of nature, owning the stage with his dynamic
presence and impassioned delivery. His interactions with the crowd were infectious,
as he urged everyone to let loose and immerse themselves in the music. The band’s
stage setup was a spectacle in itself, with vibrant visuals and captivating lighting that
accentuated the electrifying atmosphere.

Hits like “Wildlife” and “Rooms of the House” had the crowd bouncing and singing
along, their voices merging into a collective celebration of La Dispute’s unmistakable
sound. The energy flowed back and forth between the stage and the audience,
creating an unstoppable feedback loop of positivity and excitement.
It was clear to me, that La Dispute fans go hard. As the evening drew to a close, La
Dispute left the stage to a deafening roar of applause and cheers. The sense of unity
and shared experience in the room was palpable, as everyone present had been
taken on an emotional journey through the band’s discography. It was a night that
reminded us of the power of live music to create moments of catharsis, connection.