In this episode we are hanging out with Shane Embury Of Napalm Death.

Shane graciously spent some time with us on a day off before the band jetted out of Australia. We chat his upcomimg book Life?… And Napalm Death , his history and having Boy George and Culture Club rocking out at the Napalm Death Show in Brisbane

Napalm Death bassist Shane Embury has been a major figure in grindcore for more than four decades, and his story is closely tied to the history of that scene.
Life?… And Napalm Death takes the reader on a front seat, white-knuckle ride through the sights, sounds, places, and people who’ve been central to the music and the life.
Told in his own, inimitable style, this is not just the life story of Shane, but also a history of Napalm Death and their part in the development of grindcore from the beginning to the present

From Napalm Death to Brujeria, Lock Up, Venomous Concept, Tronos, Dark Sky Burial and more. Shane is a lifer in the metal world so why not read about his life

The book will be published in October, and Rocket 88 has launched the pre-order for Life?… And Napalm Death.


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