In this episode we hang out with Kevin Martin from Candlebox to talk his love for Australia (he is married to an Australian, visits here annually), Madonna, and Whiskey. Well we talk a lot more than than, but you need to click the play button to find out.

Emerging from Seattle’s mid-’90s grunge scene, Candlebox made a lasting impact on the rock music landscape with their deeply meaningful lyrics and catchy hooks. Their 1993 self-titled debut album sold over 4 million copies worldwide and produced the iconic hits “Far Behind,” “You,” and “Cover Me” – all three of which have a combine 200 million streams on Spotify! Their second album, ’95’s “Lucy,” solidified their position in the alternative rock scene and they have earned a rock solid reputation for their consistently powerful live performances that have cemented their place among Seattle’s elite rock bands.

After a stellar 3 decade career, Seattle rockers, Candlebox are calling it a day and will finally visit Australia for the first and last ever time this January.

On the upcoming tour, vocalist Kevin Martin says: “I can’t believe after 30 years we’re actually coming to Australia to play. What better way to wrap up an illustrious 30 year career than with all you beautiful Aussies on our Long Goodbye Tour, we are beyond excited. We have been trying to get to Australia since 1993 and it’s finally happening, I can’t believe it, can’t stand still, so excited!”

Candlebox have just released their final album, “The Long Goodbye” and are currently on their global farewell tour, aptly named “The Long Goodbye Tour.” During their 30 years, the band have somehow never been to Australia and that is something they’d like to remedy before hanging up their guitars.

“The Long Goodbye”, features a range of songs that showcase Candlebox’s signature sound and their continued ability to kick it up a notch. “Punks” delivers a powerful message to emerging bands about the transient nature of success, while “What Do You Need” is a declaration of independence and “Elegante” which is a departure from their early ’90s sound, dives into creative wordplay and atmosphere.

While Candlebox are calling it quits, the impact of their music will endure and they leave behind a legacy that will inspire future generations of musicians. The tour allows the band to bid farewell to their devoted fans and celebrate their remarkable journey.

If you’re a lifelong fan or just discovering Candlebox, this is your one and only chance to see them live in Australia. Tickets are going to go fast, so make sure you don’t get left far behind and be one of the lucky ones to say ‘I was there…’


Wednesday, January 10, The Triffid, Brisbane

Friday, January 12: Metro Theatre, Sydney

Saturday, January 13: Corner Hotel, Melbourne

Sunday, January 14: Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide