Live Review: Paramore – Brisbane 2023

Live Review: Paramore – Brisbane 2023


American rock band Paramore and Californian pop opener Remi Wolf rocked the Brisbane
Entertainment Centre on Thursday night with their jaw dropping performances. From incredible
stage production to amazing chemistry with fans, the ‘Paramore in Australia and New Zealand Tour’
is a show to behold.

From the minute Remi Wolf took the stage with her band, the Entertainment Centre venue filled
from front to back with fans ready to jump and sing loud, forgetting about all the stresses going on
in life. Starting off her act, Wolf used snowy Christmas stage props and an introduction of Mariah
Carrey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ to get the crowd warmed up. It has been a very long time since an
opening act has won me over so quickly with a single performance. Wolf’s stage presence and
energy was fun and incredible and was no stranger to the Aussie crowds. Alongside guitarist Jared
Solomon, the pair’s chemistry and antics on stage very much reminded me of All Time Low’s Alex
Gaskarth and Jack Barakat. There was not an inch uncovered on the stage with those two running
back and forth, ensuring to include the whole crowd. I also cannot resist mentioning how Solomon
knows how to shred on a guitar. His performance was phenomenal. The hyperpop artist
incorporated RnB/Jazz instrumental with pop/rock vocals to create a lively, Broadway level
dramatics performance. Wolf’s vocals and performance really gave off those Hayley Williams meets
Cynthia Harrell harmonies. Remi Wolf knows how to bring sexy back in a very comical and nonprovocative way.

Paramore’s performance was absolutely incredible. With captivating visuals, astounding vocals from
Hayley Williams and impeccable stage chemistry and energy, Paramore is a must-see band live.
Opening the night with ‘You First,’ the stage production, camera and vision switching crews did not
hold back. The live editing was what impressed me most. I can only imagine the amount of rehearsal
that has gone into this tour and every dollar spent is 100% worth it for the result in which was
showcased. Confetti canons and pyro were also incorporated throughout the night to enhance the
experience for onlookers creating a jump of surprise each time they went off. I loved how stage
movement was used as a method of distraction along with lighting to hide transitions between
sections of the set. It was so smooth you never even noticed when Williams disappeared from stage
to get herself ready to be high above the main stage for ‘Liar.’

Williams’ vocals are real, raw and truthful, she doesn’t need the assistance of backing tracks to guide
her though her performance. Her performance was amazing with how even when she was running
around, changing posture or moving the handheld microphone in quick motion, her vocals did not
hinder in pitch and possibly enhanced it. Her ability to perform the way she does is inspiring and is
one of rock’s best female vocalists I have ever seen live.

Throughout the show, Paramore showcased how musically talented multiple of the band members
are and how involved they are with their fanbase. Zac Farro stepped down from the drum kit to take
on lead vocals for a cover of Halfnoise’s song ‘Baby.’ Hayley Williams also invited up two fans who
attended the Brisbane Night One show on Wednesday night to join her in singing ‘Misery Business.’
You can tell it was a core memory for those girls and the LGBTQI+ community when signs were read
out about Twitter cancel culture and terms being used within the community. It’s always lovely to
see musicians going out of their way to give support and love to everyone which shows they
genuinely do care about their fanbases.

In summary, I went into this show knowing vaguely any songs by Paramore (or so I thought) and no
idea who Remi Wolf was, and I left the night falling in love with both artists. I highly recommend
seeing both Wolf and Paramore live as the stage presence and production does not even compare to
music on a cd or streaming service. It truly is an experience you have to see firsthand, and I fully
believe it’s a night that could win over people not even involved in the rock, alternative and emo